Cat breeds with unusual ears and tails

Scottish Fold They aren’t picky to living conditions that’s why they can live in any climate. If you buy the cat for the soul, the Scottish Fold is the best choice. They are gentle and so kind that elate everybody who meets this beautiful breed. This breed has a strange and surprising feature of behavior. For example, sometimes they like to sit on their hind legs, what greatly frightens their inexperienced owners. This "column" can only be seen in this breed. Most cats of this breed do not like the height unlike other domestic cats. This is due to the anatomy of these cats, but they are perfectly healthy. Elf The adult cat has to weigh from 3 to 6 kg . Thin and short hair much more resemble fur hair, can grow on the legs, ears, snout and tail. Their name they have received for a particular form of ears, that is peculiar only for this breed. This is a friendly, sociable cat. Elves are loved by all the family members. They are very good natured to other animals. Cats of this breed get along well with all living creatures, especially when get used from childhood. This breed is moderately dynamic, but loves care and suffers from loneliness. It is worth considering when travelling on vacation. Karelian Bobtail This is the dreed of long-haired cats. It is a medium-sized, strong, slender and very nice cat. Hair length is short or medium. The breed is interesting for its tail, or better to say fluffy pompon covered with fur. Manx or Manx cat. It is a shorthair breed . Its tail is completely absent or only its fate. The body is short and muscular. A neck is brief. This is a cat with calm nature, friendly to people. They don’t require spcial conditions of life. Japanese Bobtail This is a short-tailed breed. It’s a medium-sized, slender and perfectly folded cat.Hair is of medium length, very soft and silky, without underhair, almost does not incline to shedding. The short tail is covered with thick and long hair. Color of hair is various. The body is muscular and strong. These animals are very affectionate, friendly and very accommodating.