Green Iguana

Care and keeping Terrarium is the best to keep iguanas. For young iguanas a glass terrarium of 200 liters extent is enough. Over time, when a pet grows up, it will need bigger place to live, for example aquarіum or terrarium of about 500 liters. For normal development in a terrarium iguana needs a certain place to warm up. For this purpose, under warming reflector lamp is placed sunken log on which the animal can warm up. The temperature at this place should be no lower than 32 and not higher than 35°C. Also there should be a cool place where guana could cool off and relax. Such place can be a corner away from the warming lamp where the air temperature will vary within 22-28°C for an adult lizard and not less than 24°C for young iguanas. In addition to maintaining an optimal temperature in the terrarium, humidity should be comfortable for the lizard, which is achieved by spraying the enclosure about twice a day. Iguanas are arboreal lizards, so the enclosure must have plenty of comfortable wooden snags. Also you can put there artificial plants, thick ropes and convenient shelter for the pet. The bottom of the enclosure is necessary to strew with bark or paper, as well as a mat or plastic tray can be used. For swimming in a terrarium you need to put a special container for bathing, which must be filled with clean water every day. During exuviation you need to spray iguana with warm water of about 30°C, since a lack of moisture during the exuviation leads to difficulty of the process. Feeding iguanas These lizards eat only plant foods, so you can feed iguana with fresh vegetables and fruit, and a small amount of whole grains. Dandelions, carrots, apples, etc are also good to feed it. For better absorption you have to rub fruit and vegetables on a grater. Crops must be boiled and only then give it to your green pet. Proper care of iguana give it a long and comfortable life. It is enough to follow all the rules of care for the aquarium pet above.