Pet snakes

How to keep scalies? Before you keep a snake at home, take care of the terrarium - the place where it will live. It can be plastic or glass. The main requirement is the snake shouldn't be able to get out of it. Agree with that it's not very nice to see a live snake in your bed. But the right construction of the terrarium should provide easy access for its cleaning, feeding and watching the animal. Care about there won't settle inedible insects and mammals as well as parasites. Also, it should be easy to clean and disinfect the place. Take care of the substrate, which will serve as bedding for snakes, it should be familiar, convenient for the existence of the pet and its replacement. Do not forget about the lightingб humidity and ventilation in the terrarium. These are the main conditions for a healthy life of the pet. Do not forget about the appropriate sizes of the terrarium so its inhabitants could move freely. Change regularly drinking water in the terrarium and take care the snake could easily get there. If you have a snake of arboreal species, drinking water should be put on a hill, which is more comfortable to it. If you want a terrarium can be decorated with stones and tree branches. Selecting the humidity for the snake, you must take into account the climate zone, where the snake comes from, but the humidity of 50-70% is sufficient for most species. If your snake comes from desert areas, you can lower the humidity. Arranging the terrarium it's necessary to take care of a shelter for snakes, which can be made of a pile of stones or tree branches, arranged in a certain place. Put the substrate into the zones according to their degree of humidity. Try not to make the terrarium too exotic: first, it costs a lot of money, and secondly, it makes cleaning of the terrarium more difficult. People's attitude to snakes is very diverse from fear to admiration, but one thing is certain - the snakes don't leave anyone indifferent.