Peculiarities of lizard keeping

Many people at their homes have a pet - a lizard. An important feature of this animal is a long tongue. Its size is twice larger than its head. With its help, the lizard easily orients in nature, seeks the prey, and ensures its survival. The color of each lizard is exclusive. The spots of specific shape are on yellow, green, gray or orange background. Due to its uniqueness, the animal has many fans of unusual and exotic. Lizards are good-natured and have phlegmatic character. You will not see aggression and rush in their behavior, but they run quickly and react quickly to danger.

It should be noted, care of these animals wouldn’t be easy. You will need to give it a lot of care so the keeping at your home is good for its health. The conditions of keeping should be the most comfortable for both you and the lizard.

First, you need to worry about purchasing a terrarium for lizards. There are several kinds of them. Each species of lizards needs different terrariums. Terrestrial species feel good in horizontal terrariums. Their height shouldn't exceed 50 cm, because the soil heating lamp will be uneven and not sufficient for optimal animal existence. The cube shape is suitable for lovers to explore peaks and horizontal planes. If you want to get a lizard that inhabits the water, choose Aqua terrariums.

Such exotic and peculiar animal requires a separate approach. You always have to control and regulate the desired temperature in the terrarium, and do not forget about water in animal's house.

It is necessary to heat the place of keeping and the lizard will feel itself good. Change water every day, it is an elementary hygiene to be observed continuously. In the terrarium a hole is necessary, the shape of which depends on the species of lizard. The selection of soil needs responsible approach. There may be several shelters, the animal will appreciate a large number of them.

Lizard's feeding should be a full-fledged with all necessary nutrients. Give it insects at least once a day, or you can increase the period of up to two days. They sell special vitamins with calcium at pet stores, which insects are sprinkled with. Lizards can eat fruit, vegetables, protein feed, cereals and infant formulas. They are not fussy in food, but the lack of a certain product directly affects their behavior and health. To feed them a couple of times a week is enough, equip special terrarium with water dish and the pet will have good health.

Lizards rapidly adapt in a comfortable environment and get used to the owners. They sit perfectly on hands, eat from them or with the tweezers. If the owners take care of them with love and calm the lizard, it will respond with good attitude too.