Dog breed Chihuahua

Breed Chihuahua
2-6 lbs
15-17 years


A breed of dogs called chihuahua has its own pecularities, which differ it from others.

Chihuahua will make friends with all family members but still will choose the only one master. The dog likes society and can't stand loneliness. So don't leave it alone for a long in any case.

If you have small children make sure a child won't inadvertently cause injury to the dog. Since Chihuahuas have slight bodies, it is necessary to explain children that careless handling can injure this small dog. Involve children to take care of the dog, allow to feed and walk, but only under supervision. It is necessary the child to know that there's another family member who needs care. Over time, the child and the puppy will be friends and will get along with each other.
It is important to know that some dogs don't take other people's children and can easily bite them.

Many believe Chihuahua is a "sofa" dog, but it is not true. These dogs are very intelligent and respond well to training. If you do not want your dog to become uncontrollable, then do not put off its education and training for the future.

Chihuahua are well adapted to different conditions of keeping. They will feel good themselves both in the apartment and in the house. These dogs prefer a cozy vacation at home than long walks in fresh air. Most of the dogs don't tolerate wet and cool weather. Therefore, always wear your pet when it's cold outside. But not only the cold is dangerous for its health. Long time in the heat or on the sun can adversely affect the health of your pet. Dogs, like humans, are exposed to heat and sunstroke. So try not to walk with the little dog on a hot day and give it more water. It is better to wait for the evening, when the sun is not so harmful.

Chihuahua needs good trimming to look well. Long-haired and flat-coated breeds need constant care (washing and combing). Bathe your pet once a month. Hot water cleans the pores and removes dead hair. Also, constant care of claws, teeth and ears of the dog is important. There's a lot of necessary things at pet stores to do that.
Chihuahua must be taught to go to the toilet in the designated area. This can be a tray or a diaper. It is desirable to do it immediately when the puppy is small, so it get used to it.

You don't need to do much and Chihuahua becomes a reliable friend for you. Show your care and love, walk and bring up your pet. Then this tiny creature will thank you for all your love and devotion.


The dog isn't fussy at food. It will eat both food from your table and feed. Don't give it bones in any case (it can choke with a bone or it can stuck in the stomach) and strongly flavored food. Some dogs are allergic to certain food components. They like to eat fruit and vegetables.


One of the features of the breed are trembling fits. Chihuahua may begin to tremble because of overexcitement, fear, cold, change of environment. Another, no less interesting feature of these dogs is that they like to nuzzle with its head and build a "hole".

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