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Caring for a puppy

After each walk you need to carefully inspect the puppy for scratches, splinters or ticks. A comb(for long-haired dogs) or a brush (for short-haired dogs), starting with the head and tail and ending with paws. If necessary wipe the eyes and ears of a pupp

10 golden rules of taking care of a puppy

Food, games and exercises, training and education ... So many things you need to know to help your child grow a healthy, happy, well-mannered dog. Of course, you do not replace him mom, but now the responsibility for this cute kid lays on you. Do not pani

Dog Health Care

Any dog's health depends, first of all, from what and how he eats. Since it while eating into the body of your pet get all the essential vitamins and nutrients.

Care of puppy: the first meeting.

Purchase and births of puppy it is possible bravely tocompare to appearance of new family member it isnecessary in earnest to prepare to that, in order that passedmaturing of domestic favourite in a comfort and acceptableto him situation.

Caring for a puppy: bathing and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene of your pet is the key to his good health, so in this problem must begin seriously, since the first days after the birth of a puppy.

Puppy home alone

When we decide to have a puppy, no matter what breed, we, together with new and quite pleasant emotions and gain a lot of unpleasant moments. Small puppy - this is the same child, but watch out for that sometimes is more difficult than for the child. Chil