Ins and outs of dog's training in the family

There's a dog in the house. It's a big responsibility, because it's necessary not only to grow a healthy dog. We need a true and obedient friend who will give us unforgettable years of its life to the owner. It should be responsive and not aggressive to humans, except by the command. If it's the first dog, then you need to remember a few rules and learn yourself. After all, trained animals are the result of hard work of the owner. First of all, all depends on his patience and kindness. Everything else is very simple, the main thing is to love and respect animals. It takes a little time for dog's training. It can be done during feeding, walks, every minute spent with your pet. And remember, training of a puppy doesn't begin and doesn't end, it lasts forever. As soon as a puppy is in the house, you need to decide where it'll sleep, buy it bowls and so on. with each step educate and train your dog, even if it's only 6 weeks old. Remember the training depends largely on you, and only a little of your dog. When puppy training classes are organized by a professional dog handler, the first three lessons he devotes only for training people who are in contact with it. Only then the pet is trained. Of course, if the dog hadler wants a result. This is far from that training when the dog is taken for a few days. After all, this method can damage the animal's psyche, especially if it's less than 9 months old. Therefore, only the owner and his family has to bring up the dog. Now, all about training in the family, the most optimal and correct option. If the dog doesn't listen, it must be punished. Don't beat it, sometimes a high intonation is enough or a light slap in the snout with your fingers. The first command is "Off!". The puppy should not take anything off the floor at home, on the street. Feed it from the bowl or with hands of the owner (preferably one). If the dog is obedient, you need to encourage it. they may be vitamins, kids are very fond of them and they are useful. Don't give them so much. There are special treats for dogs. You can take them in the bag for a walk, they easy fit in a jacket pocket and it's always at hand. If the order is followed correct, but you don't have the treats, then it’s sufficient to approve its action with gently stroke. It is advisable to say each time with encouragement and clearly: "Good dog". If you want the dog to be obedient at 100%, it is necessary to make it a member of the pack. Rather the owner should be the leader in the pack, and it will continue to consider all family members in its priorities. You must show your pet its place in faminy (schooling) hierarchy. Therefore, don't indulge it, it's always necessary to put it in its place, but often encourage it with "a stick." If this moment happens in education, the dog will always be true. We mustn't forget to encourage right actions and the right choice of a dog. It will change its actions each time, trying to find other ways. It's worth noticing, don't ignore it. Later, you can control its behavior automatically, because it depends on him, the behavior of the puppy and adult dog. In any case don't allow the dog to gnar at the owner and other family members, even in food time. If it doesn't happen, you need to take the dog by the collar and with the other hand bring a bowl of food. But don't let it to eat at the same time, you need to hold it at a distance. You should stroke it with free hand on the head, pat on the back and sides. If there is no aggression, let it eat. But you have to continue to stroke it with words promoting proper behavior. You can memorize and perform such simple tips, despite the weather, your fatigue, lack of time and other reasons. Being the leader in the pack is a big responsibility and work without days off and breaks.