Games with the dog

Why do we play with a pet? Does your pet endlessly hell? Are all slippers chewed, sofa cushions torn, and all cats dispersed in the yard? Your four-legged friend is just bored, so he has a good time as he can. There will be much less pranks if you regularly play with your four-legged friend: playing with a ball or Frisbee, the dog will be tired, survive vivid emotions, and will sleep peacefully, instead of "put to rights" your home. Can you not pull the dog off the leash for fear of escape? To solve this problem, the game will help you: a dog does not have to look for entertainment "on the side" if it knows that a fun and interesting game is waiting for it with a master. Why should it chase the yard dinghy, if it is much more interesting with the master? Is it difficult to get a pet to follow orders? Teach your dog to play and training also will become a game! Games with advantages: basic rules. To accustom the dog to the game is desirable since childhood: the puppy is much easier to play than the adult dog. Your task in the game with a dog is to make so that your pet is interested to spend time with you. Toys should evoke very pleasant emotions, so playing with the dog completely eliminate violence against animals. Take toys away Dogs should associate toys with the owner. Put your pet in a situation that without you it is bored, but with you, especially on the walk, it has the most pleasant emotions and interesting experiences. To achieve this, take all the toys away. If it is a puppy whose teeth are changing, leave it just one toy, which it will gnaw. Even better is to replace the toy ith dried piece of black bread - it is a useful way to help the puppy to get rid of milk teeth. Puppies chew these crackers with great pleasure. Toys should also be an attribute of communication with the master. The less is the opportunity to play with them, the more desirable they become for it. Take away a ball or Frisbee and a toy roller before the dog loses interest to them and these things will become the most long awaited for it. Engage a pet, playing with it. Throw the dog a ball several times, play the dog up. At a time when interest of the dog will reach a peak, hide the ball. If you break off the game in the most interesting moment every time, then with time the toy will become a super value for your pet. Be in direct contact In order to strengthen the associative link "toy-master", use such objects you can hold together with a dog. The excellent choice is to attach the ball to him with a rope or fabric roller with a handle. In general, the game with a dog is based on its instincts - hunting or fighting. Therefore, running the ball, your dog realizes himself as a hunter, a ball becomes a prey. But prey must be alive, it must move, "run away". A rope tied to a ball is a great opportunity to revive the toy and make it interesting. Play with the dog: tease with a ball in front of him, then make the prey to "escape". Remember that a dog is not a bird, it cannot fly, so the ball should jump on the ground rather than fly through the air over your head. Give your dog to catch prey, otherwise the dog will lose interest. When the dog grabs the ball, do not let the rope out of your hand, grapple with him for a toy. Thus, you will strengthen a contiguity between you and a toy, the dog ​​will learn that the coveted ball it can get just being next to you. In addition, the dog will understand that the game does not end at the moment when it catches the ball. How to take a toy away? The dog caught the toy. This is its prey, it feels himself lucky hunter and does not want to share it with you. How to take a toy away? Give the dog the command "Give!" and offer a treat to replace the toy. In such a way you train your dog to voluntarily bring and give you things.