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The popularity of the Siberian Husky is growing exponentially. But not every resident of the metropolis is able to keep a sufficiently large and active breeds of dogs. Therefore, in recent years both the standard "fancy" dog and its miniature version Alaskan Klee Kai are modern.

The first representative still unrecognized by the FCI of the breed was born in Colorado (the USA) at Linda Spurlin's home, who with her friend Eileen Gregory decided to make realize the dreams of compatriots come true - keep Huskies in a small apartment.

Breeding began from the 1970s of the 20th century and, according to the authors, it was the selection of some young representatives with all the external characteristics of the Siberian Husky. Although experienced dog handlers do not believe in such "fairy tales" and talk about impurities of other miniature breeds.

Whatever it was, but until 1995 Linda and Eileen achieved certain results, which gave an opportunity to the American Association of rare breeds to admit mini husky. Therefore, it should be noted that this is a rare breed and this maes high prices for puppies.

Today the breed is not yet "caught on" and it has three areas:

• toy (height is up to 30 cm, weight is up to 5 kg);
• mini (height is up to 40 cm and weight is about 7 kg);
• standard (height is up to 42 cm, weight is up to 10 kg).

Its appearance fully answers the appearance of "big brother", but there are significant differences, mainly in the character. The Siberian Husky is accustomed to the stubbornness and the manifestation of waywardness, the Klee Kai is opposite. They are smart and independent, but also obedient and loyal.
In spite of small size of puppies, it isn't recommended to buy them for people who have no experience with dogs and think that the miniature animal doesn't require special care. You have to play with mini Huskies, go for energetic walks, socialize and educate them.


The list of products allowed to eat doesn't go beyond the conventional: meat, milk, vegetables, cereals and bread. In general, a variety of lap sled dogs will win everyone's heart and become a worthy member of every family.


Klee Kai care of is undemanding. Combing should be done periodically, swimming is allowed only with dry shampoo, it's recommended to do a haircut, trim nails and wipe its eyes with a cotton swab every day. the obligatory rule is to visit the vet regularly (although mini blue-eyed huskies have excellent health, but you must care about its sight closely).

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