Dog breed American Pit Bull Terrier

Breed American Pit Bull Terrier
United States
30-60 lbs
8-15 years


The history of pit bull terrier breed has more than 300 years. The old England and Ireland is rightly considered as the homela of this breed. Lords and Dukes of Foggy Albion often entertained by hounding dogs with bears, boars, bulls, dogfights were held in high esteem among the nobles. Meanwhile, the main purpose of bulldogs of that time was to protect houses, castles and hunting for wild and dangerous animals. Together with the settlers from England Bulldogs were brought to America, where dogs got a new home. Since there wasn't the official name yet had the owners of the dogs called their pets in different ways: bulldogs, pit terriers, pit dogs and bull terriers. In the United States, it got its name "American pit bull terrier" only in 1898. Currently, the united Pit Bull Terrier Kennel Club is recognized as a separate breed.

Pit Bull Terrier is a dog with a great developed musculature. The height at the withers reaches 46-56 cm, the weight can vary within 16-25 kg. The length of the dog's body exceeds the height at the withers. The animal has a big head and of medium length. The ears are high set, sometimes cropped. The breed is characterized by high jaws with powerful snatch. Usually, the tail isn't cropped. Pit Bull Terrier has short, thick hair which is pretty tight to the skin. But the color of these dogs can be very, very diverse - from pale-yellow to chocolate, sometimes there may be markings.


Pit Bull Terrier and still used for hunting small predators, birds and even wild boar. By nature the American pit bull is a dog warrior. Strength and fearlessness are basic characteristics of this breed. There are strict restrictions to keep pit bulls in some countries. They are banned in Sweden, in the UK pit bull terriers are allowed to walk only in muzzles and male dogs are subject to obligatory sterilization. In some areas of the United States the import of pit bulls is forbidden. Is such an attitude justified to this breed of dogs? In the US, the American Temperament Test Society organization testing the dog's temperament at the professional level, found that pit bull can't be definitely relegated to the most aggressive dogs. Among all tested American Pit Bull Terriers test aggression toward a person successfully passed 83.5% of the dogs. By comparison, the worst result in this exam got Tibetan Mastiffs owned (38.5%), but the keeping of the Tibetan "spitfires" is allowed everywhere.

Pit Bull Terrier can be a true friend and the favorite of the whole family, but only in the hands of a very experienced breeder. This dog has always was notable for its love and kindness to children. In some areas of the United States, where it's allowed to keep pit bull terriers, recently began to use these dogs in the education of children with disabilities.


Pitbull is more than a dog. It is a reflection of its owner. The man who decided to buy pit bull terrier, must understand that carries a huge responsibility both for the dog and for others. Improper upbringing of the animal, the development of alertness and anger towards people can cause serious consequences. If you don't want your dog to take part in dog fighting sport but just want to have a fun, friendly pet, pit bull terrier is quite suitable for this, but the process of education should be strictly controlled. It's very easy to develop dog's grudge.

So when the media and the press talks with ominous details about cases when pit bull terrier attacks on humans blame both a dog ad its master. Somehow these "careless" owners are rarely brought to administrative or criminal liability. The phrase "you're responsible for what you have tamed" in some countries doesn't work. Usually, the dog is responsible for everything.

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