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45-60 lbs
11-13 years

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Other names: Afghan, Tazi, Baluchi Hound.
Origin. Afghan hound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. According to legend, Noah took this breed to his ark. Is it true or not, but the mention of these dogs have appeared long before the birth of Christ. North African hunting dogs were brought to the mountains of Afghanistan. In the selection process, individuals with thick hair were given preference, and an Afghan hound breed was formed. Later, dogs have spread across the country, and then they appeared in India, where they helped hunters and shepherds. They grazed their sheep and cows, hunted deer, wolves, foxes and gazelles. Elegant, aristocratic Afghans have never been pampered pets, being alone they are able to defeat even a leopard or panther. Initially, the export of Afghan Hounds was banned, so in America and England, these dogs have appeared only in the early 20th century. Official recognition the breed gained in 1926 in the UK, and after 10 years in the United States.
Description. The aristocratic appearance, movements full of dignity, this dog always and everywhere will be in the highlight. It has long, silky hair, eastern expression of the snout, dominant gait, its head is always held high, indicating a high origin and self-esteem.
Color: Any combination of colors and tones.
Category of size. Large.
Hair length. Medium / long.
Life expectancy. Afghan hounds live 14 years or more, which is not typical for large dogs.
The average number of puppies in the offspring. The number of puppies can be surprisingly various - from 1 to 15 puppies! Usually 8 puppies are born.
The amplitude of the weight / height. The normal weight of the male-dog is 25-28 kg, and the weight of lady-dogs - 23-25. The normal height of the male-dog is 64-74 cm, the height of lady-dogs is 60-70 cm.

Temper. Dogs of this breed are usually cold to strangers, but at the same time, they are very attached and loyal to their owners. Despite the distrust to strangers and aristocracy, while playing Afghan hounds can become real clowns and they are really dedicated to a man. Dogs get along very well with children and love to participate in all family activities. The dog needs to spend a lot of time in the community, otherwise it would become introverted, and this can lead to problems with communication. Intelligence. It is a clever, self-confident, but sometimes stubborn and independent dog, so it is not easy to train it. Only patience, respect and affection can help you to achieve success in their training. Do not rush the animal, or it may be obstinate and withdraw into himself. Puppies are usually not easy to accustom to the toilet, so do not forget about a particularly sensitive Afghan soul, a major role here plays your patience.
Temperament, energy. High.
Tendency to bark. Low.
The need of physical activity. The Afghan puppy seems awkward, with uneven growth rate. Therefore, its physical activity must be carefully controlled to avoid injury of growing bones. Physical activity should be increased gradually until the dog reaches adulthood, when the proper development of muscles needs a lot of time for daily humps.
Ability and willingness to protect the owner. Low.
Security qualities. Low.
Attitude towards children. Good.
Transporting tolerance. Good.
The level of aggressiveness. Low.
Relationship with other animals. Excellent.
Care. When the dog grows up and puppy hair changes to the adult, extra care of hair is necessary so it does not mat. Daily care and bathing once a week is necessary. Daily care and bathing once a week is necessary, as well as frequent combing and your dog will look well groomed and feel good.


Afghan easily becomes moody in relation to feed, so since puppyhood it is necessary to teach the hard regime, the maximum holding at a distance from sweets and treats.


Afghan hound has a unique structure of the hip, allowing to demonstrate excellent gait, and most importantly, during the fast run to change the direction. This causes congenital diseases and abnormalities of joints and bones. If you decideв to buy an Afghan hound puppy, make sure its parents do not have such problems. Also, the high sensitivity of the Afghans to anaesthesine drugs, tranquilizers and cortisone is noted, and their use can cause hair loss. Puppies are often allergic to milk. Dogs should be regularly checked for ear mites and fungus. Before buying a puppy, make sure its parents do not suffer from eye cataracts.

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