Dog breed Australian Shepherd

Breed Australian Shepherd
United States
14-29 lbs
12-18 years


Despite the fact that the dog is called Australian, it comes from the west of the USA. The breed was bred in 1840s. Initially, it was bred to help to graze cattle. It is pretty interesting to watch how confidently moving Shepherd, tends a flock of sheep. Even today, the Australian Shepherd is a busy bee in the soul. When it has any work. It is very happy that it can do this work. This dog can be an excellent friend of the family, if its intellect and energy are sent to useful activity.

Smart and hardworking dog does not require privileged conditions for itself, and perfectly feels at home, where its activity is a worthy application. It is not necessary to have a flock of sheep, if you have the "Australian". However, you should find any activity where it would be able to be active. This very energetic dog does not understand the meaning of simple lying on the couch. Its energy is sure to be found out, so it is better to get this dog, if you have at least a small courtyard, where it could play. The dog is bored without physical activity; it begins to bark loudly, breaking different things. Alternatively, it comes up with something to do. For example, it herds a bunch of children, its owner's children or his neighbors', or stays away from your home. Therefore, if you don't have time or energy to train the Australian shepherd daily, this breed is not for you.

But if you need a sporting fighting dog, the Australian shepherd is perfect for you. This agile dog of medium size perfectly shows itself where obedience and agility are needed. In addition, it is an excellent shepherd; Australian Shepherd can also be a guide dog, police dog, participate in search, and rescue operations. You can even teach the Australian shepherd to do smth about the house. For example, to take up dirty laundry from the floor, and bring it to you. However, it is better to make up clean things by your own.

Australian Shepherd is a beautiful dog. It is noticeable due to its attractive medium-length hair, and dark brown eyes, which can also be yellow, blue, green or amber. The Australian is a faithful companion who can protect home and family, and is shy of strangers. It gets along well with children, but it will probably try to drive them in a heap because of its herding instincts. It is necessary to wean the dog away from this.

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