Proper care of a puppy

If a person has a puppy of small breed; it is easier to take care of it. For this, you will need a small comb and brush. If the four-month-old puppy has outgrown adult lapdogs and continues to grow rapidly, now during the walk, you will have to deal with its toilet. Comb it every day and its hair will not be all over the apartment. To do this, you need to purchase a brush that should be thick, short and have a tough stubble. Usually it is stuffed with a loop of strong wide inkle and you put your hand through it. This will help to keep the brush in your hand much strongly. Taking the puppy in the yard, you should take him by the collar with your left hand, and start cleaning with your right hand. Then clean its neck, sides, back, fore and hind paws. Clean its chest and tail at the end. There is no need to clean the puppy's parts of the body that are not covered with hair. Dogs happily accept the cleaning procedure. They like it when the owner moves hair with the brush not sharply and without strong pressure. Massage your puppy's skin, and then it will obediently expose its body. While cleaning, it is necessary to constantly clean the brush from dirt and hair. From some hair of such dogs, such as collies and St. Bernards, combed hair collected and then people knit from it sweaters and hats. By the way, dog's hair really helps with radiculitis. Every month puppy requires more food. Gradually, you can reduce the dose of milk, but give him more meat. Do not give much porridge puppies of large breeds. Their feet barely support the weight of the body, because the bones have not yet matured. Therefore, the owner should give them such food from which puppies will not be too fat. Even the meat they try to replace with fish. The main thing is that during these months the puppy ate various food, and had plenty of vitamins and substances, making its bones stronger. When the puppy reaches 4-5 months, its teeth change. Here comes a dangerous period for shoes and furniture which is at the owner's home. Sometimes, the puppy's gums are itching strongly, so it cannot lay for a long time. He has the desire to bite the first thing that gets in its eyes. Take care that the animal has enough toys that it can chew on with pleasure. They can be big bones, a piece of rubber, and the board of solid wood, without sharp ends. No need to worry much if the puppy plays pranks too much. Soon he will grow up and regain its temper.