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Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats
Pet Type: Cats

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Cat therapy - treatment that involves cats
Cat therapy - treatment that involves cats

This scientific discipline emerged relatively recently and, despite this, deserves close attention. Indeed, sometimes a cat may be a better physician than the usual doctor. Cats accumulate a large stock of healing power and can help its owner to cope with

California Spangled
California Spangled

This breed is relatively "young". Feline breeders began working on it in the 70s, XX century. Its "birth", California Spangled owes known screenwriter Paul Casey. In 1971, he was on a business trip in Oldoway (America). While talking to a famous doctor -

What are cats afraid of?
What are cats afraid of?

I think, every pet owner watched a situation where his/her cat began to behave disturbing because of appearance of some kind of noise or strange objects. Sometimes, the animal is even driven into a corner and does not get out of there until its stimuli ar

How long do cats live?
How long do cats live?

Many cat owners are interested in one question – “How long do cats live?”. Let us try to find the answer to this question. We proceed from the fact that, firstly, the cat is home; secondly, it is completely healthy and thirdly, the cat i

How does a cat mark a territory
How does a cat mark a territory

Cats are territorial animals and jealous of their possessions. Normal picture, when cats are trying to find out their relations and fight for territory.

The Turkish Van: A Unique and Fascinating Cat Breed
The Turkish Van: A Unique and Fascinating Cat Breed

The breed with long hair, accidentally bred in the territory of the Armenian plateau, now modern Turkey, near Lake Van, was named the Turkish Van. These cats are the oldest members of the animal, considered domestic.

Entertainment for a fluffy pet
Entertainment for a fluffy pet

Cat delights food, rests blissfully, enjoys the game. Being in nature, the animal can do anything. A wasp flew and sat on the flower - nice to meet you. There is a frog - someone new and incomprehensible. Even a detached leaf or a blade of grass waving at

What to feed a cat
What to feed a cat

There is no clear answer to this question, because each of us is based on own experience with cats, personal and material resources in various sources of knowledge in this matter. However, the opinion of vets is well defined: adequate nutrition is the key