Malinois - Belgian Shepherd Dog

Malinois - Belgian Shepherd Dog is descended from Belgian country. For the first time, as a separate breed, the Malinois has been allocated to veterinary school Kuregem, and it was there in 1891, founded the famous club of Belgian Shepherds. Belgian Shepherds are divided into four varieties: Groenendael - absolutely black color, Tervuren - black and tan, Malinois - red color with a black mask and lakenua - light red color. Now all of these types are separate species.

Malinois, as a separate breed, appeared in Malin, where shorthair red dog Tommy was the progenitor of the breed. During the first and second world wars, has grown in popularity German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds were forgotten, they were used only in the service of the shepherd. Later, the dogs began to take a series of police to search services. Now Malinois coached at finding drugs and explosives, the dog is also a guide for blind people. For those who need a companion dog - better Malinois breed is not found.

Malinois has excellent ability to learn, plus balanced character. Belgian blood never mixed with the blood of foreign dogs, so Malinois adapted to difficult conditions and survival. Body structure and temperament of the dog suitable for competitions, dog well built and sturdy. Musculature of the dog's body streamlined and dry, combining speed and power. In Belgium, hold special events for Malinois, where they meet the most stringent requirements. Dogs are trained, beyond the norm, and every time before the owners and their dogs are put new intractable challenges. Malinois has a very good health, no congenital and hereditary diseases not overshadow its existence. The dog is energetic and adapted to work. Tracking and shepherd's life, the work of a guide, the search for missing people in the avalanche disaster, the army - it's numerous places of work of the Belgian Shepherd. The dog quickly adapts to new conditions, it excellent opportunities for adaptation. Malinois are long-lived, while maintaining high performance to the end of his days.

Exhibit Malinois should have excellent conformation and excellent data. Puppy of this breed is best to take the club because many nurseries Malinois crossed with sheepdogs, thereby improving the quality of its service. In the elite club of the breed can be found in the pedigree puppy.

Malinois - a dog with a well-coordinated and harmonious body, which can contain both the street and the house, it is resistant to climate change. The dog has an elegant fortress showing its Belgian origin. Since the breed was intended for the shepherd's life, the dog develop the assertiveness and perseverance in character. Do Malinois powerful body, but not very heavy, well-defined withers, lean stomach, continuing the line round the chest. Extremities dry and muscular rear hocks parallel. Strong at the base of the tail is of medium length, hangs down. Color Malinois in the red-red, with jet black mask on the face and blackening on chest and toes. Thick hair more dense and short, the dog has a silky undercoat, which helps her in adverse weather conditions. Ears erect and sharp brown eyes alive and sparkling.

The Malinois is a very active dog, there is no constrained, her temperament is so agile that dog can run around from an overabundance of energy. Sometimes Malinois are overly aggressive and nervousness. To calm the dog should be attentive to it and make a pause in work and training. Need to give the dog a rest, as a strong overload undermine the already moving nervous system of the dog.