Popular dog breeds. English Toy Terrier

Even arranged a special competition between the dogs in the number of rats caught and strangled. Subsequently, this breed dogs liked the royal court. Ladies took the fashion show in the world with small toy tererchikami on hand. Standard English Toy Terrier - a small, tiny dog, with all the inherent British gloss. Its height at the withers is 25 to 31.5 cm Weight ranges from 2.6 to 3.7 kg. Color - jet black and tan. The boundaries between the color tan suit and should be very clear, pronounced. Smooth transitions and no specks. Also not allowed to have white hair and the more white spots. The coat of the Terriers thick and dense. Short and with a characteristic luster. The muzzle is long, elongated with strong jaws. White teeth, sharp. Eyes are dark, almost black color. Ears erect, triangular shape. Chest narrow and deep. Graceful neck, a long, thin. Dewlap is not allowed. Paws uzkokostnye, high. Back is slightly convex. The tail is thick at the base, tapering towards the end. Sometimes the tail docked, leaving the two vertebrae. Character English Toy Terrier - is a companion dog. Agile and playful, she is tied to the host. For him, she is a dedicated and loyal friend. Donors and temper her as a typical terrier. Explosive fidget. Raise the sofa any sluggard and involve their games. English Toy Terrier does not like to be alone at home. He misses him uncomfortable one. It should be considered when choosing a dog. Needs in education and training. Without this, the dog can grow from a small, evil monster. Like all terriers, they are jealous and moody, so education should start at an early age, spending a lot of effort and patience. Only a maximum of love, friendship and justice will grow from a puppy toy terrier bred, adequate dog. English Toy Terrier dog - call. It can keep the house and watch the country. Her clear voice will raise the whole district. If the dog is brought up from childhood in the company of other animals (dogs, cats, ferrets), it will be adequate to treat them. In general, it is wary of strangers and strange animals. Puppies If you have already decided and agreed that it is necessary to take the English Toy Terrier, then you need to go to the nursery. Only they sell purebred vaccinated selected standard puppies. There you can meet with the parents of the kid and get valuable guidance specialist for the maintenance and education of this breed of dogs. Care and Maintenance Hold the English Toy Terrier home is not a big difficulty. Since he shorthair, then simply clean it daily fine brush and a special gloss polishing mitt for fur. The dog is very small, it seems flat for the whole polygon. Enough space for the Games and Exercise. Even defecate can be trained in the tray. Yet daily walks on the street needed. The dog must learn to live in society, to be able to discreetly treat other animals and strangers. After the walk it should be wiped with a damp towel. If it's been rain and wet dog, you need to warm her, warmly wrapped in a warm cloth. In cold weather, leaving the street, on the need to wear a doggie poponku. English Toy Terriers can not tolerate much cold weather. Also, they are harmful and direct sunlight. You can not permanently leave it in the sun. Can happen sunstroke. And yet, walking with the English Toy Terrier, we must be very vigilant and constantly monitor your pet. Although they are very tiny, they have the character of this terrier. They can engage in a fight with a completely incomparable with their growth adversary. They are bold and cocky soul. Feed Feed dog can be as balanced, prepared food, and independently prepared. They like lean meats (like other breeds of dogs), we can give porridge, cottage cheese. Water should be constantly available. Diseases With good care and proper maintenance, English Toy Terriers almost sick. And yet it is necessary to pay attention to what they have weak, thin bones. Do not allow the dog to jump very high for her height. Also, the problem may be with the teeth. And if the problem is with your teeth, then as a consequence, will hurt the gastrointestinal tract. But usually, it's still hardy, healthy and very clean dogs. They have absolutely no specific, dog smell. Toychiki live 12-13 years.