Fox Terrier

But officially the establishment of breed fox terrier was announced in 1570, the University of Cambridge when the doctor described the breed. In order to improve the breed, terrier crossed: with dachshunds, a beagle, foxhound. By 1876 the breed was finally formed. To date, there are two types of fox terriers: wirehaired and shorthaired. Wire Fox Terrier was bred in the late 19th century by crossing with black terrier and podpalnym predznaznachalsya for hunting foxes. In the blood, smooth coat fox terrier bleeding bulldog, beagle, greyhound. Fox terriers physically quite strong, tough and fearless. They have the ability to attack the animals, and that the height and weight is much higher. Fox with English translation - fox and outputs this breed for hunting foxes. Fox terriers fine catch them out of their burrows. The breed is in demand as a hunting and as a decorative dog. By the nature of fox terriers - choleric, do not like to bark for no reason, smart. They are loyal to their masters, hardy, patient and love to socialize. But with all though is - independent, fearless and alert dog. If you had a fox terrier, when training should be handled strictly, but not tough. They all understand and do it right. Fox Terrier has a long, with smooth transition from forehead to muzzle, head. Tapering towards the nose. Do terrier thickened, high set tail. In the area of ​​the muzzle, longer hair that looks like a dog's mustache and beard. Fox Terrier conclusions for fox hunting. This is evident from the coat. Wire Fox Terrier needs trimming (manual pinch) - every three to four months. Dog does not fade in color and can be red and white, and pure white, and black and pinto. These dogs are not only distinguished themselves in the hunt. During the First World War, they were fine and had the government awards. In the years 1928-1930 the fox terrier Igloo could participate in Admiral Byrd's expedition to Antarctica. Fox Terriers have excellent response and a constant readiness to act. The dog is perfectly developed watchdog instinct. They are always ready not only to play, run, but also to attack the enemy at the right moment. Fox Terrier is quite temperamental during training requires rigor. Its easy to train as she quickly realizes all the teams. Fox terriers - independent, robust and faithful dog. If you are friends with the fox terrier, the best friend you will not find. This - brave, courageous dog, who happened to visit even in Antarctica.