Yorkshire Terrier

One has only to pick up this tiny warm charm you immediately melts with tenderness. Even if you consider yourself to be self-sufficient, and his life - saturated, leading to the house Yorkshire terrier, you will realize how wrong. Everyday communication with him will give a flurry of positive emotions. You know yourself from an unexpected quarter, and new traits you exactly like. Pets - as much a part of nature as humans. But pedigree livestock, unfit for independent life and are in need of your attention, love and care. A concern would be not only in feeding, bathing, decoration bows. Think twice before to take on responsibility for the life and health of defenseless beings with naive trusting eyes. Yorkshire Terriers - expensive pleasure. Certain costs require food, treatment, warm clothing, to care for long hair. However, do not be afraid of the cost. York will give you so much joy to communicate how much you get from an expensive car, stay in the best resorts in the world, etc. List then be able to continue themselves. You will not regret the decision to purchase a Yorkshire terrier single day. The advantages include Yorkies small size and weight, the possibility of a lifetime to keep it in the house without bringing the street, friendly and cheerful nature of the terrier. Brave, cunning, smooth good coat too admirable. Which did I buy it? You can find many websites engaged in distribution of purebred puppies and adult dogs from kennels. It is in nurseries acquire breed puppies. Avoid zoological markets. Healthy purebred Yorkshire terrier will never offer "with hands" in unsanitary conditions. In large cities in special exhibitions can make prior arrangements with breeders expected soon litter, or just choose your favorite puppy. Select favorite nickname legkoproiznosimuyu that it is easy to pronounce and affectionate, and sternly. First-time nickname utter only feeding, brushing and games. So the puppy gets used to it quickly. Need to talk to him in a low voice calm. Yorkshire Terriers are very shy. Even regular haircut can be a stressful situation for the puppy, after which it will become sluggish and lose your appetite. If there are children in the house beforehand explain to them some simple rules of behavior with the dog. At puppy must be rubber toys, clean tray. Do not forget about vaccinations, periodic visits to the veterinarian for a checkup. With careful attention and observation, you'll notice changes in behavior and mood. It is important not to miss the first symptoms of the disease developing. Watch for quality, purity and length of wool. As they mature coat color will vary. Final color is established after the age of two. Participate in different exhibitions is authorized according to specific standards in color, body structure, weight, etc. If your four-legged happiness is not suitable for exhibitions on some parameters, do not be upset. From what would be an unusual terrier, love his master than he will not. But it will be possible to change the haircuts and hairstyles York many times. With extraordinary extravagant hairstyle suit he will make a real dude! Cold Weather is provided by appropriate clothing to York froze. In the coat Yorkshire Terriers no undercoat. This feature leads to their rapid hypothermia small organism. From the earliest days enjoy a upbringing. Insufficient experience and emerging issues, you can always consult with the dog handlers. Do not let your puppy sleep on the bed. Try not to spoil his character, indulging all whims. In relationships in the family home is dominated by one person. Note: one person, not an animal. Instinct tells Yorkshire Terrier who the leader. And Terrier will gladly obey him. Unfortunately, not only obey, but also jealous. Is jealous of all households. Despite friendly relations with all members of the family when it comes to foreplay host york anyone not let him or even run.