Northern wolf – Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamut is one of the oldest breeds that lived through our times. It’s got its name thanks to natives of the Arctic region – Mahlemuty tribe; Mahle – the name of the tribe, and Muty – “village” (on the language of their dialect). Dogs of this breed were used to transport heavy loads on long distances and also to carry boats.

Malamuts are very friendly, peace-loving animals and they are valued for their devotion to the master and good nature. They get on well with children. From the very first days at home they must know who is the host, because they are very stubborn and go for leadership in everything. It’s not necessary to train them as guard dog because they aren’t aggressive to people but their impressive appearance can scare the “drop-in”. Remember it is a working dog and it needs physical exercises: long walks and sleddogs sports classes. To feed themselves they used to shovel the ground searching rodents. They still have the instinct of the “shrew” so they will hunt all your land lt ith pleasure.

The interesting peculiarity of this dog is they don’t bark but they make a dull sound. They won’t make you any inconvenience. If you ask them to shut up they will calm down.

The dog is easily trained and they follow any orders 2 or 3 times and only then it can ride rusty. This trait is common for all northern breeds.

It is believed this dog is half a wolf, but it’s not true. Alaskan Malamut is such a dog as other dogs. They hardly bear the heat and they always need water and shadow nearby. They like to eat, the amount of food depends on how much energy they spend and type of the feed. They molt twice a year because they have thick undercoat so comb them very often. The virile character makes it to dominate other congeners, so it would be better to introduce the puppy “dog’s life” as soon as possible and curb an aggression.

Natural aristocraticism is inherent to Malamut so they take the high road in any society. They will be good companions to a man of different interests. So, if you want to find a true friend and don’t expect obedience, Alaskan Malamut is what you need.