Breeds for beginners

How to choose "your" dog? To start with, you need accurately determine for yourself why you want to get a pet. Often, people simply do not realize the responsibility of the purchase and keeping of dogs. Fleeting "want" chokes the mind, emotions prevail. The child saw a fluffy puppy of his friend and the parents immediately rush to fulfill a request for a living toy. Colleagues have "cool pit bull" who understands the owner immediately. Relatives have Amusing York, and I want the same. A dog in the house is not a perfect Inspector Rex. In addition, even, not surprisingly smart Pongo and Mrs. from the cartoon about Dalmatians. For a perfect obedience, above all worth is understanding and contact between the owner and his pet. Second place takes clear education, and the third - regular training. Just work, work, and work again. It is not easy to raise a dog, sometimes it is pity to tears that you explain exercise for the hundredth time, and it looks like a cow looking at a new gate. In addition, it is sorry for chewed shoes, and a puppy left a "calling card" on a white carpet. Before you get a dog, you need to understand whether the "candidate" for the position of the owner is ready to reject the illusion of a perfect dog, understand and love the four-legged friend with all its shortcomings, stand unpleasant tricks, keep control of the dog even at home (this is the training) and persistently train it. Do you have enough nerves, time and money for all of the above? So, it is decided - a dog is needed, because ... Then there are following options: for the soul, for protection, for sport, for dog shows. Which breed to choose? If a dog is for the soul, it is better to buy an animal of small breeds: Yorkshire terrier, who gets along great with children, Chihuahua - these babes do not have patience and love for children, but perfect for a family childless couples or single women, Maltese - it needs hair care, but the dog is very sweet and affectionate, a pug dog - universal breed for life in the family. However, fashionable now fox terriers and bassets is better not to keep, such dogs have highly developed hunting instinct. In addition, if there is a cat in the house, the dog may strangle her as prey. They are not very affectionate to children. From medium-sized dogs, perfect is Chow chow. It is a beautiful dog with self-esteem. They are not intrusive, graciously accept affection, but do not like the hustle and bustle. Disadvantage - thick hair that requires daily brushing. Labrador is a universal dog - who is really suitable for a family with children. Labradors are a little phlegmatic and very affectionate, wonderful nannies. Nevertheless, for the security service they are not good, dogs love everyone and everything, the man for them is a friend. Very nice is collie, the breed is not very popular today, it is a pity. They are smart, loyal and affectionate, moreover - beautiful. Again - hair is long and thick ... Large breeds are harder to keep, they are not dogs "for the soul". Big dog is a big responsibility, and without fail, education and training. Generally, though not train, but you need to bring any dog, regardless of breed. Even a small York or "Chihuahua". Most of the owners forget about it, and little dogs have become living toys, a kind of accessory. It should not be so. However, let us get back to the large breeds. Now, Central Asian Shepherds (Alabai), Newfoundland (divers), and a relatively new breed - Czekoslovak Wolf dog are in fashion. I do not advise beginners to get such dogs. There is no place for Alabai in an apartment, this is a huge dog - the weight of a dog is around 80 kg, lady-dog's weight - 60-65 kg. Closed space presses these dogs, the animal can become aggressive killing machine. "Asians" need a spacious aviary and a minimum two-hour walk to release energy. In addition, Central Asian Shepherds are very stubborn and dominant dogs with them all the time necessary to compete, to prove the supremacy of the owner. It is difficult to train them because of their weight, and disobedience of such a dog ... I do not need to explain what can be the end. About Wolf dogs in brief - it is the fruit of "love" of the wolf and the dog. They are not really dogs, so they have a different psychology than dogs. They are not for beginners - dog lovers. German shepherd is suitable for beginners. They are smart, quiet, combine the functions of the defense, guard and devoted friend of the family. However, the Germans must be tackled, without training these dogs wither like flowers without water. In addition, they need exercise to maintain the muscles of the back and hind legs. In feeding, German Shepherds are not fussy, only that it is not necessary to give is oatmeal. The perfect menu is rice with beef. You can purchase Husky; they have excellent exterior and friendly character. Discreet, intelligent, with expressive blue eyes - Huskies can live in the city. They also, like German Shepherds, need exercise, the best is running. Strongly are not recommended for beginners, in addition to the above, such breeds as the Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Terrier (do not confuse with the pit bull terrier), Caucasian Shepherd, Rottweiler and Dobermann.