How to teach your dog to know its place?

Training an animal that it has a definite place in the apartment - the carpet or dog pouf can benefit you in many situations. For example, when you eat or watch a movie, have guests or go to friends. Having trained your dog to its place, where the owner decided, it could be useful in many situations. The first thing your pet needs to understand that its bedding is the best place in the apartment. At the beginning of training, prepare portions of food-reward. The more dog likes this or that dainty, the easier it will learn. Call the animal to the place that you have prepared for it. Standing in front of it, give the command: "Stay". Hold treats in front of the dog. Let him smell that you have something good to eat in your hand. Then put a piece of food into place. The dog will stand on the mat and will eat treats. Step aside and clap your hands, so that the animal walks away from the mat. Repeat the exercise, calling the dog to the carpet from different places. After a while, the dog will not want to leave it, because there is tasty food! After the mat will be attractive to your pet, you can proceed to the second stage. Now we are going to teach a dog to its place without the use of treats. Take food in your hand and slide it behind dog's back. Standing near the mat, give the command: "Stay". Free hand from food point on the mat with such a gesture, if you put a treat on it. Once the dog turns its head in the direction of its place, get the hidden piece and throw it on the mat. The dog will understand that it will get a treat anyway. Especially if you do not put it in its place at the very beginning. Take away the dog from its place and repeat such an exercise 15-20 times. Gradually, the dog learns to take its place after you point it out by hand. Once all four paws will be on it, praise the animal. Then treat your pet not on the mat but from your hand. Repeat this lesson several days, calling your dog to the place from different points around it. Once the animal learns to come to the mat after a wave of your hand, you can move on to the next stage of learning. Now we have to teach your dog to sit on the mat after the given command. Do the same things that you have practiced, but gradually go away from the animal's place. Give the command: "Stay". Point out with a hand on the mat. Silently wait for the moment when the dog takes its place. Then praise it and give it a treat. Do this exercise as long as the dog begins to take its mat after you give the command, and point to it with your hand. Every time move away for another step up from the mat. Once the dog learns to take its place, we will proceed to the next stage of learning. It is necessary to teach the animal not to leave it without your command. Before you take this stage, you need to train your dog to come to its place and lie down on it. Take its mat and put the animal beside it on the sofa or chair. There, where you will be able to do your business at the time the pet will be able to rest, lying on its mat. Give the command: "Stay". Point to the mat. When the dog is on it, praise it and give the command: "Lie down" stroking the animal. Count to 10 in mind. Then praise it and treat your pet. Then, do not hold the dog on its place. Step away from the mat. If the dog jumped off it, repeat training. Take this lesson a few days. Gradually hold the animal in his place as long as possible. Alternate retention. One time the dog must stay in its place for 10 seconds, then - 15 and so on. Then go back to 10 seconds. Immediately increase the time to 25, 30, 40 seconds. Return to 10. At that time, when the dog is on the mat, treat it, but not often. At the beginning of training give it treats over and over again. The longer it sits on the ground, the less give it treats. If the animal tries to get away from the mat to the moment, when you let it to do this, hold the collar by hand and gently make it sit on the mat. Give the command "Lie down". But do not treat. Otherwise, the pet will develop behavioral strategies that, if it left the mat, then it got food. Once the animal is in its place for about 15 seconds, treat it. Take your time in training. Take a step by step, giving the rest the dog and yourself. Once you teach an animal to sit on the mat about three minutes, find something it can do. Give it a sugar bone or jerky ear, toys and so on. After the excitement of communicating with interesting subject will be held, give the command: "Walk". Gradually increase the time spent in a certain place to 5-10 minutes. Then begin to teach the animal that it must sit in its place even when you are not around. Give the command: "Stay" and point on the mat. Once the dog is on it, praise it and give the command: "Lie down". Get away for a few steps. If the dog lies and waits, praise it, go back to the mat and give a treat. Then say, "Good boy/Good girl". Let the animal go, clapping your hands. Again, start training. Hold it for a few days, gradually increasing the distance from the mat, on which at this time is a pet. Then shorten the distance to a single step. Sharply increase the distance to five steps. Working on the distance, do not force the animal to wait for a long. The lesson should be held for 30 seconds to a minute. Having achieved that, you can go on to 15 steps of the mat, proceed to the next stage of learning in which you increase the distance and time of your absence. Exercising, let the dog about 5 minutes of time to be alone on its mat, and its own take a toy or LP chewing activity (jerky ear or tail). At the end of the lesson praise it and allow to leave the mat, taking the toy or the thing at the time the dog is chewing. Practice, gradually increasing the time the animal spent in its place, and your distance from this place. Sometimes provide short lessons in order to relieve yourself and pet. Training time in a quiet and peaceful area ends. It is time to move on to lessons in a noisy and hectic environment. Once the dog gets used to the fact that it can sit on the mat at a time when there is noisy, you can begin to practice to develop its skills in real life. Start training in a noisy environment with quiet sounds. Go out of the closed room, for example, in the kitchen or hall, in the places where there are other members of your family. Then you can provide lessons in your dog familiar apartments of friends. Once the animal learns not to react to stimuli, praise and treat it. Training with the pet is best done on an empty stomach. In this case, the animal will have an additional motivation to get a tasty morsel of food. Give the command once, it is not necessary to repeat them like a prayer. Letting the dog go from its place, give commands, such as "Walk". Otherwise, the animal will learn to leave the place itself without your permission. Do not panic if during training pet will turn, get up, sit in its place. It needs to find a comfortable position. But if it gets up and goes beyond the perimeter, give the command: "Stay" and immediately take away to the mat. Give the command: "Lie down". After 30 seconds treat your dog and let it know that its stay on the mat brings you joy. To keep the animal in its place will help tied to a heavy piece of furniture leash. Every time the dog will be in its place, tie it with the collar to the leash, but do not forget to untie the dog after the command: "Walk".