Training German Shepherd. Useful Tips

Step 1. Try to start training a puppy. Although any German Shepherd learner. This is a very strong and powerful animal. But having begun to engage with the puppy, you have the opportunity to shape its identity and develop a relationship of trust with him. You never know, that in my life experienced adult dog, and how this may affect her temperament. Step 2. Play with a puppy. You need a playful puppy which will not be afraid of you. Dogs bite from fear. you can not begin training, if a dog is afraid. It will result in a fiasco. Step 3. You will lay a puppy on the back. Choose a puppy which is not afraid to lie on the back and does not resist (you will pay attention: whether a tail is screwed for it). A puppy on the back must show a submission to you, as to the fugleman of covey. If it is actual so, a choice is done correctly. A puppy, scared that he lies on the back and trying to get up on feet, will be a problem in the plan of training, because will aim to become a fugleman. Such puppies do not suit. Step 4. Register the puppy in a basic class or in other class of obedience for puppies. It is necessary for A-one, that it was a puppy 8-10 weeks. Only one man must be engaged in training, regardless of how many your family members will live in one house with a dog. The especially German sheep dogs acknowledge one owner and submit only him. Later, with age, studying the hierarchy of «den», a dog will begin to obey all family members. Step 5. You feed the dog before training. Dogs react on food as on a reward after training also, as well as before training. If you tell a dog to «sit» and for it encourage it a delicacy, it will master this command. However fastened these skills must it will be be many times. Dogs remember and better react on training since food is given them. Training skills are better mastered and fastened after-meal, but not to it. Step 6. On training expend no more than 20 minutes. Yet less time spare for little puppies. Duration of concentration of their attention is very short. They will get tired, and your patience will be on a limit at an attempt to teach something the strongly tired puppies. If trainings will pass in an optimistic and cheerful situation, from a dog you will get a maximal return. Not give a reward delicacy to the dog after every successfully executed command. Your dog will expect a delicacy and execute commands only then, when will know that this delicacy will get. Be in the actions chaotic, your dog will not know when will get from you a delicacy and will implicitly execute your commands. The German sheep dogs are one of the devoted breeds of dogs in an animal kingdom. They, on the nature, official dogs and bear in order that to be liked. They like to work, and love, that their owner was happy. you will not have to compel a dog to work or practice. Warning. Devotion to the German Shepherd is not any. There fore you never need it will be to train it in order that it was a watch dog in your own house. Even the worst in teaching German sheep dog will know territory of house, monogynopaedium and, naturally, in the case of necessity will protect from death. Teaching of such dog can be ineffective, if you live in an apartment house and have a large court with a dump. In this case this point can be litigions.