Breeds of lapdogs

Many lapdogs look like their big "namesakes" as to a set of external features and temper. French Bulldog - English, Schnauzer - Giant Schnauzer, Miniature Pinscher - Pinscher. Although the height of miniature pinscher less than 30 cm at the withers, he has all the qualities of an ordinary Pinscher: a reliable friend, a great guard, loves children and forgives them everything. If you have decided to get a Bolognese, you should know that it's unnecessary to carry it in hands, feed with cakes and daily bathe with soap. If you raise Bolognese correctly, you will have a dedicated dog, it won't be lazy but nimble dog with a gentle and cheerful temper. The most beautiful in the Bolognese is its snow-white hair with a pinkish undercoat. Maltese is a good-natured and cheerful dog. Its home is the Adriatic islands. It is often mentioned in literature, its images can be found in the paintings of different genres of ancient times. Maltese is squat, little, of white color, with long body, and the height up to 25 cm. Its body is covered with straight, long, thin and silky hair. Hair on the head like a veil covers its eyes and maes a "mustache" with a "beard". Such hair requires daily toilet. It has beautifully set head on a high neck, noble posture, creeping, confident and free movements. It has round, dark and big eyes. Nose, eyelids and lips are black. The tail is covered with hair and curled over the back. The main feature of French Bolognese is they are very affectionate with the owner, but do not trust strangers. French Bolognese was bred in Italy by crossing white poodles with Maltese dogs. It inherited curly hair and undercoat from poodles. Then this breed of dog got into the royal palace of France, where was very popular. This little dog has hanging ears, dark and huge eyes, square format. It has thin, curly and silky hair. It has rominent forehead and short muzzle. The tail is covered with hair, curled in a ring on the back. Color is white. The hair of this breed requires proper care.