Dog breed Rottweiler

Strategically important road was at the crossroads of the Alps. It is with this place, the further development of dogs is related, and who played the role of cattle guards and guard soldiers. Soon Rottweil grows and becomes the largest commercial city of Rome. Various fair sales, exhibitions and other events held regularly there, so the dogs were used often as helpers. Rottweilers have had hard work, they rounded up the cattle, guarding it from theft, controlled the fiercest bulls, and accompanied owners in a dangerous way, protecting him from all the trouble on the road. Therefore, the Rottweiler became the favorite of meat and cattle sellers. In addition, it was an excellent guard of shops. The requirement to force, malice, fighting qualities and endurance were very high, or Rottweilers were culled. Therefore, Rottweilers developed enduring, large, strong and loyal. Over time, the dogs were modified. Nowadays, the Rottweiler is a mixture of Roman fighting dogs with the local herding dogs and bulldogs with wide snouts. However, the origin of this breed certainly takes place in the Roman Empire. Modern Rottweiler is a dog that is used for service. It is a big, well balanced and strong, has the determination and courage. Ideally, Rottweiler is large, with a strong and powerful snout. Its body is muscular, indicating great strength, endurance and stamina. The backbone is very large, with the presence of rudeness. Male dogs reach 60-70 cm at the withers, lady-dogs are slightly smaller - 55-65 cm at the withers. Male dogs are very massive and are a lot meaner by nature than lady-dogs. However, this dog is balanced in character, sometimes attacks first, because of its ancient warlike nature. Rottweiler is aloof and not trusting to strangers. If Rottweiler is a guard of the territory, it becomes manageable and too severe. It can show the incredible aggression and belligerence towards humans and other dogs. In battles with other dogs, they fight to the death. Rottweiler’s hair is straight and stiff, on the head and ears it is shorter. Most often, Rottweilers are black and tan. The combination of its colors: black, gray, red. The eyes of a dog are very attentive, medium-sized, and dark, with tight-fitting lids. The dog sees very well, farsightedness is well developed. Teeth are strong, with large fangs in a row. It has scissor bite. Rottweiler, which appeared in Rome, has always been a warrior, because the combination of muscle power, sharp teeth and a great view is complemented by the aggressiveness and courage.