Neapolitan Mastiff: start or not start?

In short, these moments are as follows - you should NOT start in his home mastino if: - Does anyone in your family strongly against dogs in the house (Mastiff in particular); - Your work (life in general) is associated with frequent trips (Mastiff, even in the family, it is very hard going through separation from the beloved master); - Do you have enough time, space and financial resources to support the Neapolitan Mastiff; - You are not prepared to pay the impressive bill from the vet in case of illness of your pet (some of the "Neapolitan" with age can suffer from heart disease, diseases of the eye, and also have problems with the musculoskeletal system); - You can not afford to buy a puppy from trusted nursery (but if you wish you can take to yourself an adult Mastiff from an animal shelter for a nominal fee or free of charge); - You are squeamish person and do not carry the dog drool, the smell of wet wool and so on; - You are allergic to dog hair; - You would like the dog to please you with their presence at least 10-12 years (mastiffs are not long-lived, the life expectancy is about 7-9 years, but there are exceptions); - Your children do not like dogs, and are afraid of them; - You got a Mastiff puppy as a gift, but the gift of unplanned and unwanted; - Condition your house or apartment forbid you to keep the dog (especially the issue concerns a removable (rented) housing; - Available in your house pets is extremely selfish and aggressive towards other animals; - You are not ready to part with some habits and change your daily routine in favor of a dog (walking early in the morning and late at night, games, continuing care in case of illness, and so on). You can freely start Neapolitan Mastiff if: - All members of the family support you in an effort to get a dog of this breed; - Do you like big, quiet, independent dogs; - You have a sufficient amount of time and money on your pet; - Your children love to play with the dogs; - Do you need a reliable dog that will be able to protect your home in case of emergency and under no circumstances would not hurt children (both your own and those of others); - Walking the dog in any weather delivered to bring you joy and pleasure; - You found a good nursery and responsible breeders who will provide you with comprehensive assistance in the education of your dog; - Do you have a desire to participate in exhibitions (contests, competitions) with your dog, trained on the training field or travel with a pet; - Do you seriously decided to become a breeder of Neapolitan Mastiff (in addition to the acquisition of pedigree puppy, you need specialized knowledge and experience); - You want to give an abandoned dog a chance at a new life and take Neapolitan Mastiff from an animal shelter; - Your pets will be happy new friend and playmate; - You realize that life without Mastiff lacks the special joy and can not imagine my life without the heavy velvet muzzle on her knees ... Neapolitan Mastiff - was not for everyone. And if mastino liked you and you liked this imperturbable philosopher, take care of this friendship, appreciate it. And your pet is, in turn, will make every effort to secure and harmonious family life!