Bull terrier teeth: how to care for them

Teeth healthy bull terrier A dog of this breed is 42 teeth, of which the most developed are sharp and powerful fangs. Everyone familiar awesome view of bull terrier, which is created in no small part due to his teeth, possesses great strength. Even if you brought this dog not as a bodyguard, and just like that you breed her teeth should be given due consideration. When choosing a puppy experienced dog owners are advised to carefully look over his teeth. Their correct location and healthy appearance can tell a lot of useful information about his physical condition. In the future, it is necessary to regularly inspect the teeth bull terrier in time to prevent a variety of problems, the most dangerous of which is the malocclusion. For the standard of this breed is characterized by a scissor bite. Dog dental care is proper selection of the various means by which the teeth are strong, and the bite is correct. It is best to give the Bull Terrier shapeless different toys that are easily retained in the mouth. Optimally suited various latex toys or just stick with knots that are easy to find on the street. Cause irreparable harm to your pet owners are the ones that make him wear a plastic bottle in his mouth, hard balls and toys that produce harsh chemical smell. Necessarily have to give bull terrier gnawing beef bones that are beneficial to the development of teeth. We must in turn give a dog a bone large and small, to develop as incisors and molars. Proper dental care is bull terrier Dental care involves dogs and proper balanced diet, in which absolutely have to add vitamin and mineral complex. It is the right professional pet food, and not the remains of the table owner makes the dog exemplary grown and is a guarantee of health and excellent ratings at the shows. In addition, we must ensure that permanent teeth grow as your pet. If you find a problem, for example, a tooth growing in the wrong direction, then immediately contact your veterinarian, who will be able to rectify the situation. Bull terrier - a dog with a strong jaw, which is genetically predisposed to bulge, creating a malocclusion. Though often guilty of violating the bite is not nature but the owners themselves, which seems a funny game of tug of war or how the teeth terrier keeps the rope hanging from a tree. If malocclusion acquired, it can be corrected, immediately consult a doctor. Bull terrier - a dog, which by nature strong and healthy teeth, but for them to take care of them to stay as healthy throughout the life of the dog.