Fundamentals training a puppy

Already in the family home the puppy begins to learn to behave among other dogs. It is therefore not advisable to buy puppies before two months of age. People are beginning to take the puppy, too, since its birth. It is advisable to buy puppies from breeders who understand this and try to instill puppies generally accepted standards of cleanliness and friendly behavior. If breeders neglect the training of puppies, and you bought your puppy up to two months, do not worry. All fixable, you just need to teach your dog around the early omission itself. After moving the puppy in unfamiliar place it starts with even greater interest is perceived new information. It is therefore very important to make the right to explain their demands. If done correctly, your claim necessarily praise and encourage your pee-tomtsa. It should teach the dog to the shower, cleaning the ears, mouth and inspected the toilet in a certain place. After vaccination, the place walking is transferred to the court. Preferably before the first train a dog to walk to respond to his nickname, execute basic commands. Take a walk goodies, they will help to distract the dog from external irritants and attract attention at the right time for you. Do not let the puppy to stray dogs, which are the main carriers of infectious diseases. Never let your puppy run around without a leash near the roadway, even if he is trained off-leash walking beside. Also, do not allow the dogs to play with the big difference in weight and size. A large dog can accidentally cause serious injury to small, not to mention what would happen if these dogs come to blows. Do not allow your puppy to pick up from the ground. For this purpose, before walking, it is necessary to teach the dog to-Mande "fu". This is not achieved immediately. Since no one know the reaction puppy to different external stimuli, the first walk without a leash is better to err and be replaced by a long-vodkas shleey. You will need to come in and control the puppy. Can command the command "fu" and abruptly pull the breech-band. To punish the puppy should not use brute force increase enough to vote. If the puppy does not listen and then, it is appropriate to pull the mane or even off the ground. If the puppy is aggressive towards you, push him to the ground and hold in that state until it is no longer to be aggressive. Persevere, use all these techniques until you achieve the desired results. Model the team during games, encourage the puppy. Teach all that you know about all of the initial training the members of his family. If you train a puppy to the family he just nothing left once unconditionally accept your rules.