English Bull Terrier - breed history, description, content.

English Bull Terrier - breed history, description, content. By pairing bulldogs and terriers were obtained many of the behavioral and physical traits. Bull Terrier has gained a reputation as one of the most flexible, aggressive and daring dog ready to fight to the death. Due to this reputation Bull earned several dubious title of 'canine gladiator. " In 1850, a gentleman by the name of James Hanks, standardized the breed by selective breeding of dogs with others, including white terrier. The result is a white bull terrier with which many are familiar with. In 1887 created the first breed club in the UK with the standards set out in a year. In 1917, a dog named "Lord Gladiator" was the first of the breed recognized by the modern bull terrier. Bull Terrier Appearance Average Height: Males and females of about 18-22 inches. Average weight: From 22 to 38 kg. No other dog has no head and eye shape of this breed. Bull Terrier has an individual head shape in the form of eggs, eyes in the form of the "triangle", small and deep-set and erect ears. Bull has a rounded, muscular body sturdy build. The tail is long and thin is horizontal to the body. The coat is short and smooth. Bull Terrier Temperament Despite the menacing look, bull terrier is a fun and loving dog people. They are bold, active, clownish exuberant and fearless. They love to be with people who are generally not recommended for families with young children, as this can be problematic because of their active nature. They are suitable for experienced owners. Two males do not get along together, and two females can be a good option. Hetero dog will live a long time together and get along great. Bull Terriers can be trained to live together with other animals. Bull Terrier Health Dogs of this breed is hardy and healthy, live an average of 9-12 years. They should be checked for deafness, which occur in about 20% of dogs with white color. They are prone to allergies and can react to the bites of ticks and fleas quite strongly. In addition, it is worth remembering that in the hot and sunny days, they can get sunstroke. All precautions must be taken to avoid this. They tend to excessively lick and suck the tail particularly in times of stress and being separated from their owners. Terrier Care Regular exercise is mandatory. The diet of the dog should be out products that cause allergies. It is not expensive in the content of the breed, but a demanding daily care and attention.