For a long time bred as herding dogs, but soon they were used to catch wild boar. Soon the dog ceases to be popular, and it was already useless. But at the beginning of this century the interest in the breed appeared again. Suddenly found that the Rottweiler is capable of not only cattle grazing, it may stand in defense of their masters, and even seek out the lost sheep thing or person. Dog copes with police service. Dog moves very quickly and vividly. It is embedded power and extremely strong. Since the dog was a shepherd in the past, it left a mark on the modern dogs, and is passed on care and independence. The Rottweiler has a very strong character, it shows how the dog thinks independently. For example, if a dog that - it wants from his master, he is sure to achieve this. It takes a lot of effort and patience to properly raise and train a dog. Rottweiler to listen to you, you should be on - treat him kindly, but firm in dealing also needed. If the dog is too soft to handle, then out of it can grow very impudent and sassy dog. It will give you a lot of problems and troubles. But the tough and rough treatment of pets will make him only the downtrodden, cowardly and embittered creatures. Thereby the Rottweiler would be a danger to others around them. I would like to talk about Rottweiler in the family and the home. You need to learn how to communicate with the dog. Many are afraid to keep a dog at home, as is known to all ferocious temper pet. Homeland Rottweiler - Germany. The Nazis used these dogs so that they guarded concentration camps. The Germans were afraid to walk in front of the dog in the striped pajamas because they were afraid that the ferocious dog will take them for a hostage and tear to pieces. There were stories that could Rottweilers no reason to bite their masters and rushed to the passers-by. And all this is because the owners wrong and clumsily brought their animals. Parenting - the key to a low-key. Friendly and obedient dog. If a family has children, then you should know that the Rottweiler is not a toy for your child and never allow it to become. Rottweiler loves children, to protect them, but to mock him better not. You have from childhood to inspire the kid respect and love for the dog, and then in your home does not have any problems with your beloved pet.