Description Basset Hound

The nature, care and nutrition basset hound The nature of the basset hound By the nature of the Basset Hound calm and agreeable , have a stable psyche. Very sociable with both humans and other dogs . Get along well with children. On the other hand, the Dachshund is quite stubborn and slow dog. The behavior of the Basset Hound depending on where it is located. On the street it is more unpredictable. It is characterized by the fact that they are by nature - the hunters . Basset Hound is so fond of all the smell that in the process can get far enough away and get lost. The behavior of puppies basset hound playful and reckless . Scuzzy , what may be an interesting smell , it can stop paying attention to you . This has to be fought. They are lazy and prone to obesity. Therefore, we must make the puppy to move more. Bassets are very inquisitive and sociable dogs like to be with people. But the work did not like. Training does not bring them pleasure . But if you take a basset hound for hunting, and bring him up like that , it will be a great hunter. Do not leave a puppy debt . Out of boredom, he nachto Skoda, bark , and a lot to eat . Caring for a puppy basset hound Do not let Bessette become lazy . These dogs tend to be lazy. Hunt for walks to raise , they still have to Bat -lasting. Care for your puppy basset hound nezatrudnitelen . Seasonally they molt , but often do not need to comb them , as well as bathing. Require special attention are the ears . They have dogs long, and they need to be cleaned every week , preferably by 2 times. They refer to the " dribbling " dogs. So you need to take care of the skin around the mouth and the folds of the body. With the sale of special creams . You should also clean the folding sponge dampened with warm water. Because of the short legs , bassets brought into the house with a lot of mud walks. It gives discomfort that hosts who are too lazy to clean them thoroughly after walks. Care Dachshund after delivery is similar to caring for other dogs. Once the bitch whelp , you need to rinse with warm water, her genitals , to have a drink, and if the dog is used to going to relieve himself only on the outside, take her for a walk. After the walk should be , except for the paws, rubbed her nipples . Feed the female basset hound after birth to 5-6 times a day, but make sure that she does not overeat . Do not let her relax. After a week she goes from birth, and output it to a more long walks. Meals basset hound What to feed a month old puppy basset hound you'll learn from a breeder . To the food , which is preferred for you to translate gradually. Meals puppy basset hound quite diverse . But do not give him milk. Of dairy products fit yogurt and cottage cheese. Meat and bone give from 5-6 months. Feeding basset hound 5 months quite diverse . Diet basset hound can be porridge, soups , bones , vegetables , dry sausage and feed. But watch that puppy would not overeat. These dogs are prone to overeating . Better from the outset to establish the amount of food , time and frequency . Little puppy should be fed four times a day. After 6 months - 3, and from the year you can teach and 2 meals a day. Vitamins for the Basset Hound are the same as for other hairless dogs. It depends on what the parties have a problem with your puppy, selected range of vitamins and supplements. Sale basset hound is mainly in the clubs. In the bazaars this breed can be found less often. Tying a basset hound Find hovering for breeding basset hound is difficult , but possible. Sale basset hound is gaining momentum , and the hosts themselves are beginning to look for a pair for breeding. The first breeding basset hound The first estrus in the Basset Hound comes in the aftermath of six months. Before the start of the first heat , the dog may begin to conduct itself unusual . Knowing melancholy Bassett , Bags can be even more lazy. A week before the estrus female begins to urinate more often , so it should be more likely to walk a . With the onset of menstruation in basset swell genitals, begin small amount of bleeding . After 10 days, they will be replaced by mucous membranes. Then there comes a time when you can listen to shared basset hound. Earlier bitch will not let a dog myself . Special knowledge of how to knit basset hound not necessary. Dogs must be healthy, with no extra weight. Knit an empty stomach. Give the dog an hour, that would meet , and then check the , what would the process of sexual intercourse lasted an average of 15 to 45 minutes. For what would become pregnant bitch for sure , repeat mating 24-48 hours. Knit saboku better in the period from 2 to 6 years. In the first heat , it is unlikely to bring healthy offspring . After a few weeks, you can take the bitch to the vet for an ultrasound , and if you do not want any extra financial expenditure , then wait a month and see a rounded tummy . Basset Hound pregnancy If the mating basset hound held, then 2 months later it comes time to give birth. Delivery should like dogs mating basset hound do not have to be complicated . During the first month of pregnancy , the bitch should not be lazy. And in the second month of the load may be slightly reduced. Make her move, it is useful. Do not overfeed a bitch . Portions should be , as before . But in the second month of pregnancy can be added one time meal. If the bitch got pregnant in the winter, or fall, then add to her diet vitamins and additives . They will help you to choose a vet . Better to put the pet lounger in the box, so it will be easier to keep the puppies near you . An hour before the birth bitch starts to behave restlessly . Place it in a box and be with her. Do not let her get out of the box. Especially this behavior is characteristic of females who give birth for the first time . Once the bitch whelp , give her time to make the puppy that suggest her instincts . Then call her to him. If you do not want to go , then give her another time. Young mothers do not want to move away from the puppies, but you will need to wipe her genitals with a sponge , which is wetted with plain warm water. Free to try to take it out of the box. Bassets because of their docile and quiet character must allow the owner to take them to the hands . After water treatment output bitch for a short walk . Just as during pregnancy Basset deduce at least 2 times a day. First, the walks can be 15-20 minutes. But gradually the need to increase the duration of the walk . Feed the bitch needs 4-5 times a day, always keep the bowl of water, it should be complete . Power immediately after birth should not be clogged . Let's soups , oatmeal broth , boiled meat , yogurt . A month after giving birth can be a bitch to translate dietary habits . Not raskarmlivayte darling . It will not be useful for her . Basically binding basset hound puppy brings 4-8 . Knowledgeable breeders leave outside the females only 4 most healthy and beautiful . If you can not do such a thing , then make sure that they all ate well . It happens that the weakest are not allowed to boobs . You have to help them. You can give the offspring after a month , but it is better to hold them by the females up to 2 months.