Purebred dogs require a good groomer

If the dog lives in the house, then it requires grooming besides the elementary care for it (feeding, walking). It is not just an aesthetic issue, but also a necessity. Not every owner can make his pet a haircut. The dog can behave aggressively, and grooming may result injuries for both the animal and the owner. The best option is to entrust hair care to professional. All kinds of dog breeds have different hair structure, and therefore each breed requires special rules. For example, the shaped haircut for poodle will need at least 1 times in a half of a year. Between the visits, you can produce professional hygiene haircut at home. Under hygienic haircut is meant shaving hair on the snout and legs, as well as on the abdomen and in the pelvic area, the base of the tail also should be shaved. When you visit the salon, you can choose a hairstyle yourself, and you can listen to professional advice. The dog's owner makes a choice. Cocker Spaniel requires special grooming. As early as 2 months of age, there is a need for grooming hair around the pads on their paws. Basic grooming means removing dead hairs and fluff. This procedure is called trimming, made by hand. The hair on the snout is necessary to align the bit; the same should be done on the ears and tail. Terrier's hair is stiff enough, it does not shed. They are groomed 5 or 6 times a year. An electric clipper makes trimming. Smooth hair dogs are groomed in the area of cheekbones with special scissors, the machine passes through the outline of the animal. Pekingese dogs are trimmed every month. Their hair grows very quickly - up to 1 cm per month. Particularly relevant grooming is in the summer. This will help to relieve the animal from overheating. Pekingese hair is too thick, so special tools are required for care of long and thick hair. Griffons have pretty tough hair. In addition, it needs constant care. The dog is combed daily. Nevertheless, apart from that, the trimming should be made in the chest, legs and tail. If the dog prepares for the show, the procedure is better to make in advance - for 2-2.5 months. Dog breed Shih Tzu is in need of a certain kind of hair cut. The hair around the eyes is cut; mustache and beard are cut out arch. The fringe on the snout is collected in the original beam: it is not only fun, but also eliminates the problem of hair falling into its eyes. To fringe does not fall into the eyes, hair is better collected in a bun and pinned up or collected with hair elastic. On the sides of the breast, the hair is left resembling a little skirt. The hair is removed almost completely in the pelvic area. Whatever is the breed of dog, it needs a professional haircut. What is the difference between professional hair care and homemade haircut? Several reasons for people who are professionally engaged in dog's hair care: - In the salon, there are all the necessary tools for cutting, which are quite expensive to buy for home use; - A special table for the procedure will not allow the animal to glide over the surface. In addition, at home, using a bureau or coffee table for the procedure, you can ruin the furniture, and the animal may inadvertently fall. Moreover, hair after grooming will be everywhere: on clothes, furniture, and carpets. In salons, there is not such a problem for the owner of four-legged friend, because special people remove the hair with powerful vacuum cleaners; - At home, the pet can be stubborn and resist grooming. In addition, the professional knows what to do in such cases. The haircut is made at the appropriate level and in time; - Many lap dog breeds take part in dog-shows. The better hair looks, the highest are chances to win. Only a professional knows the ins and outs of dog hair styles; - Identifying fleas in dog's hair, salon wizard will immediately get rid of them. In addition, at home, it will be impossible to get rid of them quickly. The only visit to a salon with your pet will make you to do so several times. Salon services have acceptable price and, therefore, professionals should make the beauty and correctness of hairstyle. This will not only save time, but also save your and your pet's nerves. Because the procedure may be rather unpleasant, and the owner runs the risk of being bitten. In the salon, two people usually carry out haircut and trimming, and the animal feels the support of the owner, does not oppose the procedure.