In old told a very interesting legend about Adam. The legend was that when God expelled Adam from Paradise, and he stepped to the ground. The man immediately surrounded by wild beasts and evil, which was headed dog. Adam asked God for help in saving his life. God said that he was not afraid and stroked the dog's head. Soon the first man on earth God listened and did as he said. And when Adam stroked the dog, she immediately began to defend it. Therefore, they say that the dog - the best defender and one man. Homeland alabai - Turkmenistan. In this country alabais were separated from other animals. Alabai - this is the breed that no one was mixed, so the original form has been saved. When people were tending their flocks, they used dogs to protect their populations, as the dogs were needed to fall cattle. Then life has changed, and the dog was necessary only for the defense and protection. Alabai was an assistant in guard duty. At that time there were many wild beasts, from which could only protect this breed of dog. The main features of alabai - it's endurance and simplicity in food. Alabai capable of very long time to work, to protect the herd from predators, to feed him, and thus can not have the whole day. The dog is able to come to grips with the wolf. Alabai can have bad food and still be strong. Weather is no obstacle for the dog. Dog endures any changes. Alabai can live in very hot weather, and in a very cold. Another remarkable ability Turkmen dog is, what he is in the form of a snake as a threat to the host rushes to help him. Dog cruelly breaks the snake spine. To become a dog on - refers to another in the seventh century, when the Arabs conquered Central Asia. The Arabs had their own culture and their own faith. Fire-worshipers considered sacred dog, but Islam is considered unclean dog. So soon the dog was no longer a man's best friend. Dogs were simply killed, leaving only the smallest and kind. Probably, therefore, the Turkmen alabai not show anger when he is on foreign soil, and the true and quietly carries its service protection. In Asia, there were numerous conquests and hiking. These were nomadic, cattle are grazed, and there was no longer do without a large dog that is able to protect. It was the careful selection of strong and courageous dogs and there is already selected the best that can survive in harsh conditions. And this was precisely the breed alabai. View of the faithful and beloved friend is not changed and after five thousand years, though on their way met many difficulties that alabai held alongside his master.