Universal Dog

Schnauzers are divided into: a dwarf (miniature schnauzer), medium (schnauzer) and a large Schnauzer (Giant Schnauzer). The word "schnauzer" translated from German. "Shnautse" - face, but has a broader meaning, because "shnautsbart" can be translated as "whiskers". In 1879 in Germany (Hanover) at the International Dog Show for the first time the name "schnauzer." Schnauzers ancestors were herding dogs. They were used for moving cattle and protect it. Riesenschnauzers were obtained by crossing a schnauzer with larger rocks, and miniature schnauzers were obtained by crossing Schnauzer Pinscher with a monkey. Dwarf Schnauzer differ indomitable character and appearance. Chunky, large head, bushy "mustache", "eyebrows" and "beard", stiff hair, square body, cropped ears and tail. Absolutely everything Schnauzer - fearless defenders, great caretaker. They are mobile, smart, tough, perfectly trained. It is recommended to keep them in apartments because they are balanced, bold in patrol capacities, barking little child patient. In Germany, Giant Schnauzers used for police service. Labrador - also ideal breed to keep her in the apartment. Good character, hard work and outstanding hunting abilities, of which legends. The Queen of England, President of France, and many of the stars of the West kept these dogs. These rocks were brought to England Newfoundland fishermen who used them to carry the catch. Labrador dog handlers brought the Avon and Tremp. In 1903, this breed of dog recognized Kennel Club. Labradors have a great sense of smell, they are not afraid of the heat, and cold water. Very efficient, observant, tough. During the war used to find mines, as well as guard dogs. They are versatile, perform any service. Has a monochrome color: yellow and black. Growth - the average, a strong constitution, a short, smooth coat, with a dense undercoat and close fitting. Strong, broad back. Tail - thick at the base, tapering and tapering towards the end. Labrador unpretentious. If he has a clean place free from drafts, bedding, clean water, exercise in the form of running and jumping, it will be satisfied and even happy. To care for him is simple: to comb a few times a week, wool, wipe with a damp towel. Labrador loves children very much.