Poodle diseases

All owners of poodles should be prepared for all sorts of diseases that can occur in their pets. There are diseases, especially characteristic of this breed. Dental problems Poodles often have tartar. The disease originates at an early age. With age, the dog can lose teeth. It also becomes a cause of ulcerative diseases of the mouth, including stomatitis. Most often, it appears due to improper feed. The treatment of the disease is the timely removal of plaque, as well as removing all bad teeth in a poodle. Only special apparatus can remove Tartar. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Be sure to carry out a course of antibacterial protection of the gums and the entire oral. As a precaution, fine food from its diet should be excluded. You should give it a special bone, aimed at cleansing its teeth after meals. Tonsillitis Poodles suffer from tonsillitis. This causes them discomfort when swallowing. Therefore, pets start to eat badly. It is possible to cope with the disease. The main thing is to exclude all the coarse food, cold drinks and feed should not be given. You can limit the duration of the walks, especially in the wintertime. However, if there is already a manifestation of acute tonsillitis, you need to contact the vet; he will appoint a course of antibiotics for a dog. Eye diseases Poodles often suffer from a variety of eye diseases. Congenital diseases are among them. For example, microphthalmia. This defect appears as a clear reduction of the eyeball in the dog. This can lead to such disease as glaucoma. There may be problems with the tear ducts. An excessive amount of tears is formed, because of which you can see the bright brown track from the eyes. This disease can cause dermatitis, and even substantial hair loss. All of these diseases can be cured only by surgery. The sooner you contact your vet and carry out the surgery, the better it would be for the dog. Locomotor apparatus It is impossible to ignore the dislocation of the knee joint. It is very common in poodles. It is easy to determine such a trauma. The dog tries not to step on its injured foot, or walks very slowly with bent legs. To cure such a disease is rarely possible. However, you can help your pet with a surgery. These are the most occurring diseases that affect poodles. You should carefully and closely treat your pet, and all the troubles will bypass!