Overweight dogs: good or bad

There are several reasons why your dog is gaining excess weight. Great influence on the deposition of fat folds affect sedentary lifestyle. Dogs are limited in motor activity. Most often, they spend their time on the sofas and loungers. Another aspect of the problem is the wrong food, with much calories. Violation of the thyroid gland or neutered dogs gonads also affect obesity. A big role plays heredity in the breeds, which have already laid symptoms. These are breeds like Rottweilers, Dachshunds, and Chihuahua. This is connected with their sedentary life. If you have suspicions about your dog, then let me give you a practical method for determining overweight. This requires finding the spine and ribs extending from it in the dog. If you are easily able to find them or see fat folds, the dog does not suffer from excess weight.

If you have any suspicions, it should not be shown to the vet. After passing the tests, the doctor will determine whether the eating related disease and begin to address the causes of obesity that is, feeding management. The doctor will prescribe a diet based on the dog's breed and living conditions.

I would like to give a little advice: feed your dog more often, but reduce the portion. Add in the diet more vegetables, not fatty meats and dairy products. Such a practical method will help the dog to lose weight without feeling hungry. The must move more in the open air. Always remember that feeding should be balanced and moderate. In pet stores now appear the animal feeds with this problem. They have picked up the necessary ingredients. In conclusion, we note that all family members need to understand that the dog is at risk.