Dobermann (Dobermann Pinscher)

The dogs of this breed have rust-colored spots over the eyes and on the face, neck, chest, legs, and even under the tail. Dobermans have cropped ears, but there are some caes when they are slightly hanging. These dogs were bred in Germany in the 19th century by Louis Dobermann. It was done by combining guard dogs and terriers. Luis worked as a police officer, and he caught dogs. He tried to breed an obedient dog capable selflessly to protect his owner, the dog with which is not scary to walk at night. Interesting, but "Pinscher" means terrier, but modern dogs of this breed have nothing left in common with terriers. Dobermanns are often used as guard or service dogs but they just kept as pets-guards and companions. It is important to remember that you should not play very aggressive games with Dobermann. They very often are too fierce defenders. By their nature they instinctively want to protect and defend anyone or anything. They prefer intellectual games. Therefore, Dobermanns are frequent guests of various dog shows. These dogs feel good themselves in the city, if you give them a plenty of exercise, designed to develop physical strength and intelligence. Care for Dobermann is simple, thanks to their short hair you can comb them once a week. Since puppyhood, dogs of this breed get used to communicate with people, later become good friends. However, most of them accept only the owner. They are not bad with kids, if grow with them. Dobermann is a great companion for an experienced and physically active owner. Dogs are very sensitive, so you should not severely scold or punish them. This breed suffers from: hip dysplasia, intestinal dyskinesia, immunity disorders, heart diseases and thyroid diseases. May encounter problems with the liver. Adult Dobermann reaches 65-69 cm in height and weighs 30-40 kg. Dog of this breed live 12-13 years.