Fighting dogs

Muscular, fearless and energetic bull terrier can be truly called the gladiator among other breeds of dogs. Fights between dogs and bulls were popular in England. So then this persistent, insusceptible to pain, incredibly brave and strong dog has appeared. Bullterrier’s hair is rough and short and fits flush with skin. Colors are tigrine, white with spots, black or diverse. The height is up to 55 cm, what is much bigger than the set standards of the last century. Bullterrier is hardly trained. His insistence quickly turns to stubbornness, gambling can change to aggression. Bullterrier don’t mind strangers but if it’s trained and educated badly they can be dangerous both to strangers and the owner. Boxer, the deep-chested fighter isn’t worse in mobility and outrage than any bullterrier. Boxer is fun and kind. It’s got good memory, recognizes the old friend whom hasn’t seen for a long time and licks him. His drool and flattened head may embarrass some people. It’s easy to keep the boxer. This breed is characterized by wild mobility and fearlessness. It can easily climb fire escape and trees. It grabs the boy of a tree with its fore feet and paddles the bark with its hind feet. It can be trained as a lifeguard. Its height like Shepherd’s is up to 72 cm. Teeth have a strong bite which can cause the lethality. The stature is square. They have good sense. In England they’re often used in police. In dog’s fights boxer is very dangerous rival. It isn’t picky in food. Its bedding must be very soft but sofas or folding beds are much better. If the bedding is rough Dobermans, Boxers and Great Danes have corns on their joints.