Miniature Bull Terrier

Miniature Bull Terrier is not much different from the usual bull terrier. This mini version of the pet is perfect for apartment dwellers, who cannot keep a big dog in the house. Despite the small size of the dog, it retains all the qualities that are inherent in the Bull Terrier, namely the incredible power and strength, intelligence and energy, as well as bright and kind temperament.

Perhaps, you cannot even name some dog breeds that would be as multifaceted and contradictory as it is. Such a small dog hides truly powerful force and aggression, ready to come out in the desired case.

Speaking about the external characteristics of this dog, you have to notice that despite nearly sofa size, these dogs have a lot of muscles, and they are composed athletically and proportionately.

Miniature bull terriers are easily trained, they like to learn something new, so from the childhood carry out with them all sorts of activities and diversify the already high intelligence. Along with good mental ability, there is stubbornness, which sometimes prevents these dogs to learn quickly and effectively. Therefore, from an early age it is necessary to educate pet and make it obedient.

As to the nature of the representatives of the breed, it is worth noting these dogs have fun and perky character; like outdoor games, and if necessary, without a fear will show all their bravery and courage.

Miniature Bull Terrier needs attention and affection from its master, and if the owner sometimes does not pay attention to his pet, the animal can seriously be offended, so do not hurt the dog with a sensitive and tender heart.

However, do not forget about physical strength, hidden in a seemingly harmless animal. Therefore, the owner must not also be deprived of power and good physical culture. That is why this breed is not for everyone.

The dog does not require special care, as it is pretty neat breed. All you need is to clean its hair with a special brush every day. In addition, it is worth noting the breed Miniature Bull Terrier has a problem - obesity. That is why, from the first days of keeping, you need to carefully plan your dog's diet, so that nothing hurts its health and does not lead to overweight.

Miniature Bull Terrier