How to avoid an attack of the dog

One of the main dog instincts, like any canine animals, is protection of its flock and the master is seen as it flock. This means that any of your actions, aimed at the owner, the dog can regard as aggression and cause an attack. All this means that during a walk in the park, you should avoid both the animal and its owner, especially if you drink alcoholic drinks. However, there are cases when it's impossible to avoid bad neighborhood. In this case, you need to temporarily overcome a feeling of fear, which is a kind of a red rag for a dog which it certainly feels. In any case do not panic, raise your voice or make sudden movements, and even more don't run. Under any circumstances do not turn your back on rebellious dogs. It is better to go to the nearest wall or a car that will not allow the animal to come from behind and it will be a cover for you before the arrival of help. Again, in any case, do not look into the eyes of an aggressive dog, because in any case it regards it as a challenge and will attack you. In such a situation it is better to look away and tilt your head to one side. The dog will understand that you are not rebellious, and do not pretend to its territory, and perhaps it may save you from the attack. Unfortunately, this technique works rarely so you must be prepared to act decisively. If the dog attacked you, it is necessary to make a counter-attack. If it's the usual mongrel, the good weapons can be stones or sticks. Anyway, the fact that you begin to look for weapons, can make it run away, with its tail between legs. If you're not lucky to meet a pedigree dog, and especially with trained guard dog, then do not use this method. However, it would be great if you have a lighter, because all animals on a subconscious level are afraid of fire. The most vulnerable places in the physiology of dogs are nose, spine and groin. Naturally, if the animal just barks a little to account to the owner, it is not necessary to beat him with full force, as the punch in its nose may be fatal. But in the struggle for life and health no holds barred.