The Miniature Schnauzer and Standard Schnauzer

- Gigantic Large dogs were at first shown at Munich dog show. They were acknowledged as service dogs in 1925 in Germany. -Medium – the Standard schnauzer. They were smaller dogs of the same breed. - A tiny schnauzer – the Miniature schnauzer. They were quite popular lapdogs. For more on these two groups. TINY dogs Tiny dogs looked like big dogs but smaller. They’re quite independent. There are three versions how it was bred. 1. The crossing of Affenpinscher and a standard schnauzer. 2. The crossing of Pomeranian and a standard schnauzer. 3. The crossing of fox-terrier and a standard schnauzer. Nobody knows it for sure but all know that Miniature schnauzer was bred in Germany. Only in 1928 the dog appeared in Great Britain, from there to other countries. Miniature schnauzer is strong, muscular and able-bodied dog. It’s got a wide body almost square. Their height is ideal: lady dogs are 33 cm, male dogs are 35cm. The barrel is thick, legs are straight and strong. A head is confidently raised, strong and elongated. The muzzle tapers from ears to eyes and then slowly changes over to black nose. Perfectly is marked the change from forehead to muzzle. The eyebrows are light. The jaws are strong end with blunt chock, thread whiskers are hard and look as if one has been dragged through a hedge backwards. They have a beard. The dog’s hair is hard and short looks like a wire. Cut it to make a clean look for the dog. Hair is tight on the neck, shoulders and forehead. The hair is long on fore feet. The color can be of all shades of “pepper and salt” or black. Legs are round, short and well-knit. The tail is high-set and always “looks” up, they cut it and keep 3 vertebrae. The temper is spunky and reliable, strong and hardy, his energy seethes. Smart, kind, obedient and happy dog… It adores kids and always wants to be the centre of the family. It feels comfortable in small apartment, on the street and while walking. Especially, if the owner lets him off the leash and allows it to jump, run and take a lark. Grooming means manual pulling of hair several times a year, for example in spring and autumn. Clean the dog with stiff brush once a week. Feed: a standard diet is excellent. Where is the name from? Schnauzer from German “schnauze” means muzzle. This name has a broader significance, for example shnauzbart, which means mustache. Really, nly schnauzers and Scottish terriers have long mustache. STANDARD SCHNAUZER Sometimes you can here this dog is called a standard schnauzer. It was bred in Bavaria in Middle Ages. When it was bred they wanted it to be an excellent ratter. In those days there were a lot of ratters in Europe. A standard schnauzer is proportional, looks like a square. Bones and muscles are well developed. The hair is tough. The height of male dog is 48 cm, and the height of lady dog is 46 cm. Deviation from the standard in couple cm is considered as a deficiency. Such dogs aren’t suitable for breeding. The head is big, a little long, the forehead is flat, a muzzle is solid. Eyebrows are well developed, there’s a beard and mustache. Legs are round, well-knit with thick pads. The tail is high-set, when they cut it they keep 3 vertebrae. Color of the dog may be black or “pepper with salt”. Its temper combines reliability, energy, strength, resolution and confidence. It’s kind and cheerful, loves children and likes to play with them. It’s smart, cheerful, affectionate to a human, distrustful to strangers. Schnauzer is a good guard. How to take care of the dog? Clean hair every day with a stiff brush. Trim it twice a year, in spring and autumn. One and a half of standard feed is daily norm.