Dog’s bad habits

Very often dogs have a habit to bite everything and spoil things. Puppies are like children which want to explore the world, trying all with teeth. If you don't pay attention to bad habit in good time then there may be a lot of problems in future. Dog may injure a lot of things are often it's not desirable to spoil those things such as expensive furniture, shoes etc. It is better to cure a dog of bad habit in growing age when it's easy to educate it. The best option would be the purchase of special toys, better a few toys that the dog could choose some. Don't give a dog old shoes or children's toys to bite. The puppy can't understand the difference between those things that he can chew and can not, and he can easily spoil a good thing. Sometimes, they use special sprays with smell that puts the animal off if they want to cure a dog of bad habit. Another habit the owners do not like is unreasonable barking. Especially it inteferes, if there are sick people or a small child in the house who need rest and calm. Cure of bad habit at early age.If the puppy starts barking for no reason, you have to give it any command, which he already knows "Lay", "Sit" or "Be quiet". After it follows orders correctly, you should praise it or give any delicacy. Step by step, the dog understands that it is encouraged because it is quiet. And loud barking won't be a problem for you. There is another dog's habit that many owners do not interfere. Some owners want to cure their pets from it - food-begging under the table. The dog does this to get something tasty, something that you have already given it. If you want your dog not to have such habit, you should educate it at early age and don't indulge it. Puppies are similar to the children in some way, who are often pampered, with treating sweets, and then they try to feed them with usual meals. If puppies get delicious pieces because of their wagging they get used to it and don't want to eat food that is in a bowl.