10 things we love about Labradors

Labradors are the social dogs. But what qualities of these dogs make us love them so much? 1. Kindness Is it their kindness? When you're in a bad mood you'll feel soft whiskers near your hands or heavy head on your knees, you will realize Labrador really cares about you. Recent studies have confirmed Labradors really understand when the owner is sad and will always back him. 2. Readiness Ready for what? Labrador is always ready to please you. 3. Folly They sometimes behave like clowns! Labradors are not afraid to look stupid or idle. Your true friend won''t mind if you laugh at him. He will try to make you smile. 4. Enthusiasm Is this because he loves the world and everything in it? Labradors are rarely shy. They don't want just to contemplate. They want to be part of the action. They want to be involved in everything today and now! 5. Forgetfulness Do they sometimes forget? Young Labradors often forget what they have to do. They often need our help to remember what you taught them yesterday. But it's part of their character and we love them for it. A little patience, and when your Labrador grows up its memory will get better. 6. Fun They look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Labradors love to have fun. They are masters of fun. It's not necessary the day has to be sunny with rich accidents. It is happy every day, just because he is a Labrador. 7. Forgiveness Are they able to forgive us all our weaknesses? If you shout at your Labrador when you are tired, it will forgive you with great pleasure. It never holds a grudge. 8. Uncleanliness They make a mess! They just are never happier than when they are wet and dirty, and we can not love them for it. So nice to see your friend happy! 9. Contribution We owe them a lot. How can we not admire the breed of dog that saved human lives? They worked in war zones. Labradors have defended people from explosives, drugs and many other dangers many times. 10. Loyalty Labrador is a true friend. He does not care how you look, how smart you are, or how many friends you have. You are its everything, its whole world. To the death.