How to take care of a dachshund puppy

The appearance of a puppy in the house is always happiness, but also a little troublesome event. A small dog, having appeared in the house of its masters, immediately becomes a new family member, and this term demands the same attention and care than a baby. For this reason, getting a puppy, it is important to have a clear idea about how they should be fed, how to take care of them and how to educate. This article will focus on the dachshund puppies and answer all questions of their owners. Let us begin with that the appearance of a puppy in the house is stressful not only for its new owners, but for the dog too. The new environment, new smells, new foods - all that makes a strong impression on a puppy. In this regard, a small pet may behave very reserved and even sluggish; it may have no appetite and even refuse to eat. Of course, the other dog in the house can facilitate its adaptation, but if the puppy is the only animal in the house, it does not mean that you should probably keep it a company, to try to entertain the dog. On the contrary, the animal should be left alone and create for it the most comfortable conditions for adaptation. To do this, you can prepare for the puppy a place for sleep, a bowl with fresh warm water, and turn on relaxing music not loudly and try to be quiet in its presence. If small children live in the house, be sure to try to explain them they have to be calm for a while, do not run and do not annoy the dog. It is important to know that if a puppy whines, in any case do not run to comfort it. Otherwise, the dog will understand that it can call you on any time, and to wean it from this will be a daunting. In the first three months of life, the dachshund should be fed strictly according to four times a day, and after four-six months, the frequency of feeding will be necessary to reduce and continue to feed the dog about three times a day. When the dog is six months, it will be possible to transfer it to an adult feeding - namely, two times a day. It is important to note that the dachshund by nature is a breed that is prone to be overweight, so the dog does not need to be fed more in any case, unless of course you do not want to be the master of a Bun. Just do not pay attention to its hungry eyes and plaintive whining. This breed does not the feeling of satiety, and will ask for food all the time. Its feeding should be complete and varied. If you have decided to feed your pet dry feeds, immediately check this option, this food could harm your animal and cause digestive problems. The daily diet of a small dog must cover both animal and vegetable variety of proteins, including oatmeal or low-fat curd. Do not accustom your dog to eat from the table - greasy, salted, smoked or sweet food is bad for the body of the dog. Get out of the bowl half-eaten feed and make sure the dog always has fresh water. Talking about the proper care for a dachshund, it is important to find out all the details of the hygiene procedures. First, you have to wash their legs after each walk. In this procedure, it is desirable not to use any soap or shampoo as they wash out natural fats, which serve as a protective mask for the dog hair. Regularly clean dirt and dust of the dog's ears, and you can use cotton swabs. With the growth, do not forget to trim your dog's claws (this procedure is best done by a vet). To keep the dog's teeth in good condition, it is enough to constantly give special dog bones for cleaning teeth, which are sold in any pet store. Do not forget to visit the vet and timely implementation of all laid vaccinations. Keep your puppy against any threats of an environment. A small dog as a child seeks rather to understand the world, often not only by touch, but also by the taste, trying everything they see. Therefore, free its territory from all sorts of objects that may threaten the life and health of the puppy. It could be drugs, household chemicals, appliances, wire, sharp objects, and more. Also, get rid of the valuable objects (such as shoes, books, notebooks, etc.) that are in danger of being bitten and torn by your favorite. In addition, as not to tempt the puppy to chew something that should not be gnawed, you can buy it toys, special rubber balls, or the bones and ordinary soft baby toys. Accustom to take a puppy in your arms right not to cause it any unwanted injuries. Rightly take the dog under your chest with one hand while the other lifts the hind legs, and in any case do not lift by the legs. If there are children in the house, forbid them to take the dog in arms, because they can hurt or drop it. Moreover, do not forget the dog as a child needs affection and care. Love your pet, and remember we are responsible for what we have tamed.