Pet "wolves"

The history of the breed and appearance

One of the most ancient and extremely beautiful dog breeds on earth is Husky. It is difficult to imagine a person who sees this creature and passes through with indifferent eyes. These dogs were bred to carry people on a sled in the snow. Because of their thick hair, and specially adapted paws, they are not afraid of frost and snow. Huskies can withstand very low temperatures. There were cases, when they saved their owners from the "cold" death, lying to them with their bodies and thereby warming. These dogs love the snow and the winter and really feel comfortable only in cool climate.

The representatives of the breed were bred specifically for the needs of the sled, so they are extremely demanding for regular exercise. This breed is very similar to wolves with their external characteristics, but unlike the wild relatives, Huskies are very friendly and affectionate pets. By its size Huskies cannot be attributed to the extremely compact dogs, height at the withers of adult male can reach 60 cm (lady dogs up to 56 cm), and the weight fluctuates in the range of 25-30 kg. One of the most distinguishing features of the representatives of the breed are, of course, the eyes - incredibly blue or dark brown, sometimes colored (one brown and the other blue).


A lot of people would like to have this beautiful animal. Those, who are going to find a loyal friend in the Husky, need to know the breed is very demanding of the attention to its person, more than many other breeds of dogs. They appreciate the kindness, goodness; they are very playful and lively, and their barking has a little resemblance to the usual dogs' barking, rather it is something between howling and growling. These animals are the most suitable nannies for children. Besides, they just need a mobile life and who if not a child can take care of it. But we need to closely monitor the games the Huskies with very young children, as are large enough and energetic dog in the heat of the game can be, for example, accidentally push the baby.

Care and keeping

Huskies' diet also must be approached with the utmost seriousness. They must have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. The 60% of the dog food should consist of protein (primarily beef or chicken). Meat can be mixed with different types of cooked cereals and add there boiled pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage and carrots. The representatives of the breed like fish, because their diet came from the Far East, it was fish.

This breed is one of the most cleanly dogs on earth. Therefore, the owner must be sure to take care of the appearance of his four-legged ward: the state of his hair, teeth, pay attention to the ears, and so on.

Huskies are trainable, but there are also many "stubborn individuals", even they can be taught obedience. The main thing that the owner's perseverance was not excessive and does not turn into brutality. Huskies are very friendly pets, so the role of the guardian and watchdog are not suitable.

Pet "wolves"