Dogs: The beginning of life

The male dog is able to reproduce throughout the year, while lady-dogs only in season. This period occurs once every six months. However, there are breeds in which estrus comes only once a year, they are Laika, Husky and Basenji. How do you know that there is an estrus in lady-dog? She is playful, naughty, often leaves urinary marks, which smell like a magnet for male dogs. Pregnancy in lady-dogs lasts from 62 to 64 days. In the amniotic membrane puppies are born, their mother frees her puppies from it by her own. Then she gnaws through the umbilical cord, then eats afterbirth and licks every puppy carefully. Puppies are born blind, deaf, with hair. Nevertheless, these small puppies already have innate instincts that allow them to find the side of mother and cling to the nipple. When they are very young, they are not able to empty the bowel, bladder; their mother helps them - massaging their tummies with a tongue, and carefully licking under the tail. The first few days the babies eat and sleep, well fed they are quiet. If there is no milk enough, they begin to shrill squeak. When the baby reaches twelve days, they open eyes. From that day on, they curiously explore the space around them. When they reach eighteen days - they conceive fuss, growl, and play and try to bark. Twenty to twenty-five days - they can eat a small piece of meat, not fat curd and then special dry feed for puppies. At this age, babies firmly stand on their legs and almost all of their time play. In addition, puppies sleep and eat a lot. Earlier, at the age of thirty days, the puppies were taken away from mother; now experts recommend not to hurry and to wait another month. When the dog is four - eight months, the period of socialization begins. During this period, puppies learn to communicate with people, their relatives, understand they are the members of the dog tribe. Puppies' games is an important stage of preparation for adult life. Playing, they learn to assert their right to a piece of yummy, the toy, on owner's care. They commensurate the strength of a bite, grip, learn mother's roar, which calls for obedience and order. If the puppy is taken away from the mother too soon, it will be worse developed than puppies left near the mother. In addition, as an adult, it will be more difficult for it to find a common language with other dogs. In one litter the lady-dog can have from four to six puppies; if the breed is small - one or two puppies. Nevertheless, there are mothers-heroines who have made a history, yielding from twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty-four puppies in one litter! Naturally, a mother could not bring up such a horde, the owner should help her.