Why does my dog ​​bite me?

Why does my dog ​​bite me? Playful bite and bite - are two different things. Dogs, especially puppies, use their mouths to learn the world. They bite person's fingers, shoelaces, hair and other objects that their jaws can capture. This natural behavior bears no threat. Appropriate training will help you to avoid already mature dog to bite the finger, such as a child's one.

Sometimes, person's behavior provokes animal's reflex to bite. For example, you raised a sandwich over its head and tease your pet. He has no desire to bite you. He just wants to get a portion of the food. Bounces, opens his mouth and tries to grab a sandwich. Instead, he grabs your hand. There is no fault of the animal. Non-aggressive bite is caused by mishandling the dog.

In most cases, the animals bite family members because improper training. Many owners do not realize what they are doing wrong. Even if you do not hit your dog, it can bite you, seeing your behavior as a threat to itself. Because of fear. Or protecting from imaginary danger. Many owners use excessive force towards the pet or behave dangerously, and the dog perceives this behavior as an attempt to take over it. Biting animal actually has a timid nature and exhibits behavioral traits of submission. You with your actions push the pet that he felt threatened and took a protective measure - bite.

Herein lies the root of the problem, but not in the silly excuses that people come up with to justify their misconduct in relation to the four-legged friends. Do not shout threateningly at the dog. Do not come to it during the meal. Do not make sudden movements with hands or feet. Do not play with the animal, looming over him. Reducing the distance between your body and the body of the pet scares your four-legged friend. Do not let the dog feel that it is cornered and the only way out for it is to bite and run. Even if it is just a game or entertainment for you. Pets live by instincts. One of them is self-preservation. Think before you create even imaginary, but a threat.