Dogs prone to allergies

Dogs, whose owners do not spend prevention of worms, also fall into this category. Animals, who have suffered or suffer from acute or chronic infectious diseases, are also subject to allergies. If you suspect an allergy, you should pay attention to the symptoms. They may be different. They are itching skin, which can gradually be more difficult to treat dermatitis, hair loss; bald spots. There can be observed digestive disorders that are accompanied by constipation and loose stools, vomiting, intestinal colic, flatulence. If allergy affected nasal passages and eye conjunctiva, there is an allocation of mucus from the nose, swelling, redness, and dacryopyosis. The dog often sneezes. Allergies also affect the psyche of the dog. It becomes irritable. The internal organs - showing swelling, difficulty breathing. The most common is food allergy. This disease begins to manifest itself in the second year of life. Apparently, it has funded system. Scientists conducting the observation identified groups of products that often cause reaction of the animals. In the first place are the meat and eggs of poultry, beef. Any dairy products, sweets, meats and others. Sticks to strengthen the teeth on which a flavor enhancers and flavorings also can cause allergy. If you noticed any symptoms in your pet, you should think about changing the diet. There is a hypoallergenic feed in specialty stores, which is based on lamb and rice. It is divided into types. For puppies and lactating mothers, and adult dogs. The feed contains all these ingredients for nutrition and exclusion of allergies. If you do not trust industrial feeds, you will like the other method based on the natural feeding. This method is based on the identification and exclusion of consumed protein. Most often, it is a chicken. In the case, you want to exclude it from the diet, replace it with another. Follow this diet from three weeks to two months. If there are not any changes, you must make an attempt to replace the protein. This should be done until this improve the state of the dog. This process is long and laborious.