Great Dane – a silent bodyguard

Thus lady-dogs are smaller. It would be desirable to make a conclusion that a dog must be kept in a large house. If you get this dog and have a small apartment daily walks in the fresh air are necessary. In the city it's desirable to walk with such dog in designated areas. Try not to super cool your dog. You should buy it warm clothes for cold weather. Great Dane by its nature is very kind and sweet. They get on well with children despite their large sizes. While fooling around it can strike you down to the ground at the same time he fawns and licks you. Having calmness and patience in its temper Great Dane will easily defend his master. He will fight to the last drop of blood. He's always on top of the situation being in a people's company. Bodyguard's instinct is high level. This feature helps to protect a house. Everyone will think about the consequences when he sees dog's sizes. Every dog needs care despite its breed. A Great Dane isn't an exception. Don't leave your dog alone for a long time. In such case, aggression and obstinacy will appear in its temper. A well-trained dog is silent, modest, quiet and well-performing commands dog. It can be achieved if you take trainer's lessons and visit training school. Despite regard the dog needs care. You have to wash it because it has short hair. You can do it using a special glove or a dandy-brush. Comb it once every few days. Don't bathe your dog because it influences badly on its hair. Health procedures of eyes, ears and nails are necessary. They should be regular. Dry feed is desirable while talking about feeding a dog. It easily fits this dog and is simple in use. It is absolutely balanced meal. At the end of the article it should be noted that dogs of this breed are very slobbery and if a person is fastidious I wouldn't advise to buy these dogs.