Breed of the dog and its owner's temper

- Labrador Retriever The person is well targeted. He/she likes to spend time outdoors. Faithful husband/wife. You will have a good time with him/her. Goes to shops often, for active recreation. As a rule, such a person has a solid car. - Chihuahua Like this little dog and its owner can bite. As a rule, capricious women prefer this breed. - Mongrel Goal-oriented person likes to spend time outdoors. True friend. It is pleasure to talk with him/her. This person prefers to drink beer instead of wine. He/she will not hurt a pet, and, as often as possible, buys it toys. He/she loves outdoor activities. The owner of a car of the middle class. - Miniature poodle Elderly gray-haired men choose such dogs. Good men and intellectuals. - Golden retriever Family oriented. Has two or three children. Faithful husband/wife. It is nice to talk to him/her. - Yorkshire terrier Glamorous girls choose such dogs. The favorite sits in the owner's purse "Gucci". "Socialite". Drinks expensive wine, not beer ... - Terrier It is potentially devoted person. A loving family man. Picky to details. He looks seriously at life, even too much ... - Rottweiler The loyal person. As a rule, has his own business and drives an expensive car. Always protects the family and friends. He does not respect bullies. - Greyhound A person is courteous, kind and well mannered. He suffers from neurosis, talks easily and slowly. He prefers bottled water. Moreover, it may sound ridiculous; the owner of the pet is very similar to his dog. - Bernese Mountain Dog This man is educated and cashed-up. - Beagle A loving family man. Easily tolerates dog's pranks, barking and chewed shoes. - Miniature Schnauzer A loving family man. As a rule, the gray-haired elderly chooses such a dog. Selects sturdy and quality stuff: from furniture to clothes. If he has a car, probably it is "Volvo". - Maltese Man: such a person wants to create a big family, with many children and then grandchildren. Loves to babysit children, play with them, present toys. As well, his dog is not hurt; he always gives it tender and tasty. Carries women in his arms. Woman: watches fashion, wears only branded items. Her dog always wears a pink bow.