Irish setter

Exterior of the breed Setter is perfectly folded, it is graceful, with perfectly proportioned body, has long beautiful hair. It is of medium size; its growth is up to about 70 cm and weighs up to 35 kg. Dogs are of one color, bright chestnut. Head is narrow, long; snout is deep, square to the end and skull of equal length. The neck is long, deep chest, feathers are well deployed. The body is long, with well-defined muscles. Shoulders are sharply angulated; the tail is of medium length. The limbs are thin, but muscular. Eyes are of medium size, hazel. Nasal planum is brown, black is also allowed. Ears are hanging. Nature and keeping Currently, setters occupy main position of all the pointing breeds of dogs. This is one of the friendliest dogs; they are very attached to its owner, love children, always cheerful and energetic. They are good trainable. They are friendly and kind to strangers, so they are not suitable for protection. They are tolerant to cats. A private house is the best place for them, as they love to play. Wash them if it is necessary, but not too much, otherwise their hair becomes dull. You should not overfeed them, because it is bad for their physical development. However, the current state of the breed can be considered poor. The patriarchal behavior of many breeders make difficulties for the further development of the breed. They do not recognize the standard and prototype of tribal documents.